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Hi I'm Brian

If it's made by my wife, I eat it. If it's historical, I love it. If it's with my wife and daughter, I'm there!

About Me

I am a student of learning. Not so much in the classroom, although I am finishing up a business degree at the University of Redlands. More so, I am constantly learning about how to be a better husband, father, leader, coworker, friend, etc. During our first four years of marriage, I have seen just how much I don't know about life. That's why I have such a passion for learning. Whether its watching documentaries with my wife, browsing the latest headlines, or delving into a great book, I am curious about what motivates people and how we can treat one another better. I am not an all-star soccer player, although I play; I am not an elite businessman, although I work hard and produce great results; I am not a flawless father or husband, although I consider myself honorable and dedicated. Ultimately, I am just the regular guy who loves his wife and family and who tries to uplift those around me wherever I may find myself.

Why I am a Mormon

I have discovered a personal fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Following the example of Jesus Christ through faith in him, repentance, baptism, and enduring through difficulty has allowed me to experience the saving power of the Redeemer. I know of no greater joy than I have as I have lived the tenants of the Mormon faith. In addition, I know no great sorrow than the failure in my own life to live the principles taught by Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon especially has touched my soul. God speaks to me, he invites me to change, and he loves me through the Book of Mormon. The stories are not just history, I live them each and every day. As I read and study, I become more of a disciple, one who not only knows of Christ, but seeks to be more like him. The Book of Mormon is key in my understanding of who Christ is, and how I can more closely follow and remember him. I am a Mormon because of the renewing faith this religion gives me. I know God lives. I know Jesus Christ is our literal Savior, his pains, his difficulties, his sorrows were suffered on my behalf. He knows me, I know him, and through his grace I can become even as he and the Father are.

How I live my faith

Right now, I find myself in constant turmoil. Maybe its because I am at a point of beginning my career, or that our baby girl is growing faster than I can measure, or it seems life is bigger and more challenging than I ever imagined. Regardless, I'm living with my faith in the trenches of life. I study the scriptures daily, finding strength in revelation released from heaven just for me. I love to visit with people learning more about the Mormon faith. I often will accompany the LDS missionaries as they are invited to visit the homes of my neighbors. I also get to volunteer as a youth pastor of sorts. Several times a week I interact with boys 12-18 years old in various activities. Sometimes we play basketball, or working on Boy Scouts, have a beach party, or perform some service for a friend. Other times we perform sacred activities like administering the sacrament (communion) to the congregation on Sundays. I feel like my faith is lived daily, hourly, and by the minute. Whether its a whispering prayer, a thought to help someone in need, or a cry from my little girl, I am constantly thinking of and exercising my faith.

What is the Law of Chastity?

It is my favorite commandment! The Law of Chastity focuses us on becomming as pure as Christ. The commandment includes the admonition to first be clean in your thoughts, then your actions will follow in virtue. Those who live the law of Chastity completely obstain from pornography. Throughout dating, we do not participate in sexual intercourse. Instead we follow God's command by preparing to use that sacred ability to procreate in marriage. Married individuals continue faithful to their spouses by not engaging in sexual activity with anyone besides their spouse. It is a commandment that brings the greatest happiness and security. However, the consequences of breaking this commandment exceed those of any other. My wife and I enjoy a great sense of integrity, commitment, and assurance because we both have committed to obey the law of chastity. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

God has commanded through several modern prophets that all young men prepare to serve a mission. Not all men will be able to, and women do not receive such a commandment. Nonetheless it is a blessing to each individual who participates in the Lord's work. My own father did not serve a mission. Yet, he is no less a righteous influence in my life than the many other good people I know who did. He encouraged me to follow God's commandment by serving a mission myself. All people who serve a mission are blessed to come to a greater understanding of the role of the Savior in helping us find happiness and joy in this life. Those who do not serve a mission are not left abandoned or condemned. My father lives a happy and sucessful life despite the fact he did not choose to serve. He remains true to the faith and is a great example of a disciple of Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

The Restoration was God's will. He initiated it. He appeared, with Jesus Christ, to the boy Joseph Smith. God also inspired men throughout time to write the Bible as a history of God's dealings with prophets, leaders, and families. It is a record that teaches the love of God to ancient peoples and has many principles that Jesus Christ himself practiced. God restored the Gospel in order to bless us. Centuries of the rejection of Christ's teachings had lead to an absence of Christ's authority. Man had refused to accept what Christ and his Apostles taught. As a result God allowed man to live without his modern guidance. for this reason the bible does not have more books, the record stopped. The Restoration of the Gospel is God's effort to once again establish Christ's power to act in the name of God on the earth. Important things like baptism need to be performed by God's authority. That authority was restored, allowing man to again act in the name of God. God now guides and directs all mankind through a modern prophet. All of God's children can be sure to follow the path of the Savior as they listen and follow him who God has chosen. Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Walk by faith. Action increases our faith. Peter walked towards Christ on water, Abraham was just about to offer his son Issac, and I live in faith day after day by keeping the commandments. Each of us must experiment upon God's word. We must be willing to act, and then review the results. Study, think it out, and act by asking God for confirmations. I know Faith is a step that leads us to our hopes. We hope for a better world, and we obtain it by seeking more faith. Faith builds as we attend church and notice how God answers us through the words of others. Faith grows as we read the scriptures and God teaches us what to do in our unique situation. Faith is increased by living righteously.   Show more Show less