What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Chad

I was raised in Arkansas, but until recently had lived in the Pacific Northwest for the past fifteen years.

About Me

I am a dad to four wonderful children and husband to a woman with the largest heart of gold in the world. I am currently attending BYU-Idaho through their Pathway program. I was raised in Arkansas and moved to the Pacific Northwest where I lived for almost 15 years. Recently my family and I returned to the south to live in Plano, Texas.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the church from birth, but being raised in the church doesn't automatically make you a good Mormon. The same steps are taken whether you were raised in the church, of if you were introduced into the church as an adult. It takes having a open heart, mind, and soul to know for your own self the truthfulness of the Church. Reading, studying, and pondering about the scriptures as you read. Listen to the gentle thoughts that come to your mind as you sit in prayer. Pay attention to the feelings that come upon you as you listen to both the missionaries and members of the church. God will speak to you through them. He has and does speak to me as I sit at home in prayer, or as I read and study the scriptures, or while at church listening to talks or lessons being given. He speaks to you and I through the Holy Spirit. After you have gained a desire to join the church (or maybe even to rejoin the church) all is not done. Just like a muscle on your body, you must continue to feed your new found testimony. Do not let it weaken. Keep feeding and exercising it. Through these same steps (and even repeating the same steps several times) I have come to gain a person knowledge that My Savior Lives. I know that to be true. I know that he Loves me even despite of my own faults and mistakes. I know whoever you may be...that he too Loves You. If you (like me) have lost your way (even temporarily or long term). The Lord never loses hope in you or me. Find the spiritual compass once again and grasp onto it with a death grip. You will not suffer for want if you follow these steps.

How I live my faith

Each month I visit a number of families whose members belong to my congregation. We call this "Home Teaching". Throughout each month I check on each family making sure that they are healthy both spiritually and physically. I love getting to know each member of these families. Serving these families (and others) make me a better person. Why do I love Home Teaching so much? Because many years ago I was in poor spiritual and physical health. I lost my spiritual compass. I needed help. I needed a friend. Late one night while I was at home there came a knock at my front door. As I opened the door to my surprise it was my Bishop. He hadn't came to my home before (in fact I didn't know that he knew where I lived). He simply asked me how I was doing. It was a simple question, but knowing that He cared for me.. ANYONE cared for me was impressed upon my soul to such a degree that I returned to church that next Sunday, and then again the following Sunday.. and I continued on and on. That brief visit was truly a gift from God. I hope that if/when the families that I home teach are in need, that I am living my life so that I can hear the Holy Spirit's whisper to my soul so these my friends do not suffer nor be in need (such as I was that one night many years ago).

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A "testimony" is the personal knowledge of something that comes from something beyond oneself. When someone testifies as a "witness" in a court of law the witness tells of what they know to be true. In this case the "witness" is literally the Spirit of God that whispers to the cockles of our hearts even into our very souls. We are like the jury receiving Often this "witness" is often referred to as your conscience, a gut feeling, or even a warm tingly feeling that you may feel in your heart. The source of this is God. The Spirit is acting as a witness to each of us. When members of the LDS church refer to a testimony. It is what someone gains by feeling, hearing, receiving that Show more Show less