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Hi I'm Travis

I grew up in Afton, Wyoming. I enjoy laughter and strive to help people smile. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I enjoy playing the piano. I didn't start out having lessons, but was motivated to start when I saw my cousin playing simple music for beginners. Ever since that day when I was fourteen, I've loved playing. My favorite genre is ragtime by Scott Joplin. I used to play the piano for the primary singing time at church. Those 4 years were great and I look forward to playing for the children again some day.

Why I am a Mormon

My grandparents on my father's side were a great example to me while growing up. They always showed their love and appreciation for me as an individual even though I was so small. I participated in Church and activities sponsored by the Church for youth. I wasn't really into socializing, but I new that when I heard others talk about the Gospel, I felt a peaceful feeling like Heavenly Father knew me and wanted me to be happy. Now that I'm a Dad, I want to help my children have the same kind of experiences as they grow up.

How I live my faith

I do my best to be honest in my dealings with people everyday. I enjoy learning when I am able and I enjoy sharing things that I learn with others. I am shy around people that I don't know, but I strive to be honest with myself and the Lord when I am faced with making choices. I tell myself that life is not a popularity contest and this helps me to be up front and honest with others who may not know my standards as a Mormon. Sharing my standards with others helps me to choose the right.

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

This question reminds of my experience when I witnessed the passing of my grandfather. I recorded the events of the moment along with other thoughts in my journal. Below is my entry on July 5, 1993. This past week has been filled with joy and sorrow. A week ago Saturday 26 JUN 93, we (relatives) traveled to my Grandpa and Grandma's home to have a bonfire cookout. We got there and began to prepare for the meal I was reinforcing the fire and Grandpa was mowing the lawn down below their home in Smoot, Wyoming. I walked inside and heard people yelling with alarm that Grandpa had had a heart attack. Now he was very healthy and had no ailments of any kind. My Aunt immediately began CPR. Another Aunt rushed in and called the hospital. Calmly I walked down to where my Grandpa lay, and witnessed the whole event. Grandma constantly called his name and tapped him on the face. I had no consecrated oil and was not experienced in giving blessings and thus we were helpless. I walked behind the water pump shelter and knelt in prayer and prayed for his well-being. I returned to the scene where my Aunt continued CPR and again, with my Grandma, I offered a word of prayer. The ambulance arrived nearly twenty minutes after Grandpa's fall. As a witness, I knew that Grandpa was gone the moment that he fell, yet CPR was conducted for a total of at least an hour and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. It is my testimony and faith that Grandpa is in Paradise in the Spirit World and the reunion with his deceased family is his joy to reap for I know that he was and is a good man in the eyes of the Lord. There is no doubt in my mind that Grandpa is undergoing Missionary Work beyond the veil. Funeral services were held last Friday morning 02 JUL 93 in Osmond in the LDS chapel. A choice meeting I will never forget! It was an honor to play taps at the grave dedication. Off in the south east corner of the Afton Cemetery, in my Army Class A uniform I played the echo taps. Later that day I was blessed with the opportunity to baptize and confirm my little sister a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This ordinance was performed in Crow creek in Fairview, Wyoming. Another moment that I will always be thankful for! The reunion of my grandparent's family was held this weekend 02-05 JUL 93 at the 4-H camp north of Alpine. There was question whether the reunion should still be held, after my Grandpa's death, but the family resolved that Grandpa would want it to go on. All of his children, except two who are deceased, and their individual families were able to be here for the funeral and reunion. Sunday morning, my Missionary farewell, or testimonial, was held at 9:00 a.m. in the 1st Ward of the Afton, Wyoming stake. My mother, who lives in Westminister, Massachusetts was present and spoke. Also, my father, who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico was present and spoke. I love them both and I know that they were humbled that day. My mother is not a member of the Church and my father has been inactive for nearly twenty years now. Through the sorrows and joys of my life, the Lord has been merciful and has blessed me with the faith that he lives, that he of his own free will and love for us suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane for our sins and died upon the cross to break the breach between the spirit and body after temporal death and to bring to pass the resurrection or the reuniting of the body and spirit after temporal death. Faith is a gift from God and all we have to do to obtain it is obey His commandments, search His scriptures, and pray for guidance. In doing so, it is wisdom from God to act upon this faith because without works, faith is dead. The purpose of life on earth is to receive a body and to come unto Christ to gain eternal life! Show more Show less