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Hi I'm Ted

I love my family, my neighbors, my job, my church, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in the deep south. I was christened Catholic, attended the local Southern Baptist church as a youth, and was taught about God and living the "golden rule" at my mother's knee. She was a woman of great faith and always spoke adoringly of our Heavenly Father. One of my older sisters was the first to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while she was away to college. Being a great member missionary, she handed me a copy of the Book of Mormon and said, "here Ted, read this when you get a little time." That seemingly harmless invitation, coupled with that amazing book, completely changed my life! I didn't recognize at first that the Spirit that was pushing me through the introduction, origin and beginning chapters of the book. All I knew is that I could not put it down. I found a natural stopping point at the end of the 2 Nephi. The final words of that great prophet sealed it for me. The Spirit testified to me all along the way that it was the word of God. From the very beginning of the book, gospel principles were taught and expounded so simply, beautifully and powerfully that I could not deny its divine origin. I completed the Book of Mormon within the next few weeks. Full time missionaries miraculously found their way to my parent's home. Within a week of meeting them, I was dressed in white, seated in the front row of my baptismal service, following the Savior's example by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God.

Why I am a Mormon

Heavenly Father knows us better than we will ever know ourselves. He knows the thoughts and intents of our hearts. He knows all that we say, and do. He even knows what we think about. I have always been aware of Him and his love for me. I know that he loves all of his children as much as he loves me. My mother did a great job of teaching all of her children about the Savior and about the faith we need to have in him. I know he loves me and that he sacrificed his life for me. I know that the Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ and of his role as Savior and redeemer of the world. I have learned more about him by reading the Book of Mormon than I have from any other source. The Holy Spirit has testified to me of the truthfulness of the restored gospel on more occasions than I could possibly count. I continue to be amazed at the powerful, simple, sermons the leaders of our church share with the world every six months at general conference. Come listen to a prophet's voice and see for yourself, if these things aren't true. You will come to know and understand through the impressions and feelings you receive through the Holy Spirit that the Lord's church has been restored again to the earth in preparation for His return and for the salvation of every man, woman and child who has ever lived upon this earth. Joseph Smith was truly the prophet of the restoration. He is a modern day Moses, called of the Lord, called upon to be the instrument in the hand of God to restore his church in these latter days. The Book of Mormon is evidence of this great work. Read it, ask Heavenly Father if it is what it says it is. It is another witness of Jesus Christ's divinity. My testimony grows stronger and stronger as I make and keep sacred covenants, receiving all the blessings Heavenly Father is willing to pour out upon me and upon my family. You too will know by the power of the Holy Ghost that our message is true and that it is meant for you. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

The full time missionaries convinced me to share the gospel with everyone I knew. I loved my weekly institute classes. I truly understood what it meant to "hunger and thirst after righteousness." I set my sights on preparing myself to become a full time missionary, receiving a call from a living prophet of God. Opening that call to serve was one of the highlights of my life. I remember it as though it were yesterday. "You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Ecuador Guayaquil mission.” I loved the MTC experience. I loved seeing so many members of the church at the Marriott Center. I loved my mission, my companions and the people we worked with, in and out of the church. That one experience in my life, comprised of so many events, circumstances, situations and personalities, set me on a trajectory in life that included a love for learning, preparing myself for a rewarding career, raising a family, serving in the community and serving in the church. I'm sure I have a conscious though about my mission at least several times each week. For the first twenty years following my mission, it was at least every day. I have been privileged to serve as a bishop in a local congregation of members. In July of 2010 my wife and I were called to preside over the California Long Beach mission. We worked with the most amazing young men and young women, who prepared themselves to follow the voice of a living prophet, to go wherever the Lord would assign them, to carry a message of hope, inspiration and truth to a world drowning in sin and despair. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth in these latter days! Our testimonies of the truthfulness of the restored gospel grew by leaps and bounds as we watched these outstanding missionaries and local members serve the Lord with all their hearts. We completed that assignment, along with two of our teenage children in July of 2013.