Jessi: Mormon.

Hi I'm Jessi

About Me

I'm not your typical mom of four. While having those four children, I earned a doctorate degree in developmental psychology. That doesn't stop me from being a mom, a wife, a poetry lover, and a piano player. I love the color blue! I have a not-so-secret soft spot in my heart for dogs (especially large dogs). My favorite food is lasagna, although black beans and rice are great any day. I like to read science fiction and fantasy novels such as the Foundation series or the Lord of the Rings series. One day, I want to have a little farm so that I can raise horses, especially Friesians.

Why I am a Mormon

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew there was a God. My family wasn't very religious (we only prayed 4 times a year), but I had a strong personal faith. My parents thought I was a little weird, but I would jump at the chance to go to church with any friend that was going. I went to all sorts of different churches! But, every time I went, I would hear something that wasn't quite how I thought a church and God were supposed to be. Finally, a nice young man introduced me to the missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Everything they said made total sense and went straight to my heart. I committed to being baptized and have been a member (quite happily) ever since.

Personal Stories

Please share your feelings/testimony of Joseph Smith.

I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I gained this testimony when I visited the jail in which he was imprisoned before a mob came and killed him. I stood in the room where he stood, sat in the places he sat, and I lingered in the place where he died. As I was physically close to the places Joseph Smith spent the last moments of his life, I felt the Holy Spirit very strongly. Truly this is the Lord's Church!

What are you doing to help strengthen your family and make it successful?

We are strengthening our family by spending one evening at home with the family each week. During this special time, we sing songs, have treats, pray together, study the scriptures, and just generally have fun! The kids love spending time together in this way. I think the best part of it all is being able to learn from each other (the kids even teach me!).

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

I pray a lot. I don't always get down on my knees and spend a long time praying. Sometimes I pray while I'm walking--inspired by some beautiful plant or animal, after seeing a moment of kindness between people, or just to say "thank you" for being alive another day. I feel closer to Heavenly Father when I spend my days looking for things for which to thank him .

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

I'll share a recent story about this. I was about to graduate from school, had applied to about 84 jobs, and had no idea where we would end up. My husband and I prayed together and thought about which one of those jobs would best fit with the will of the Lord. When we thought about it in that way, there was only one place, out of all of them, that were right for us. We started praying that we would get the job. We had such faith in that prayer, and that the Lord was mindful of us, that I even arranged for an apartment when I went on the interview. His hand was clearly involved in the review process, because I got the job!!! And, that was out of a pool of about 200 candidates! Truly the Lord is great!

How I live my faith

Right now, life is very busy with three active children and a newborn, and I can only manage small things. One of my favorite things to do to serve those around me is to cook dinner for them. Often, the family will invite over a neighbor, a friend, or the missionaries and serve them something we enjoy. We found that it doesn't have to be fancy, just something that gives them a break from cooking, tastes good, and fills their tummies. Another small thing I do is to visit other women in my congregation regularly. These monthly visits allow us to become friends, to grow in the gospel, and to strengthen each other. I think one of my favorite visits was helping my friend organize her living room. It didn't take long, but it was something she wouldn't have done without someone encouraging her to do it. She was delighted when it was done. Another small thing I enjoy doing is carrying a plastic bag with me as I walk from my car to my office. I am able to pick up litter and trash that is lying along the street, sidewalk, or grass. This is even something my children have asked to help me with I didn't have to ask them!. Then we can feel proud together that we made our little area of the world look a bit nicer.