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Hi I'm Linda

I am a nurse anesthetist & work in neurosurgery. I have three grown children & I'm a Mormon

About Me

Although I've 'empty-nested', I'm a divorced mother of three great children. I'm a nurse anesthetist and love gardening, reading, and teaching nurse anesthesia students. I went back to college as a single mom and worked two jobs through undergraduate while trying to juggle three busy kids. I worked as an RN in a busy ICU for three years before entering grad school. It was tough being a single mom through college and grad school and I couldn't have made it without great support from family and church members.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I've been raised in a Mormon family, my family was inactive and rarely attended church. I feel like I didn't understand or gain a testimony of the church until I went to college. I had the opportunity to study and learn for myself the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have relied on my growing testimony and relationship with my Heavenly Father and and with my Savior during many difficult times in my life. I found that through prayer and reading the scriptures I was able to received comfort, guidance and strength to face the challenges of my life. I truly believe that as we understand the plan of salvation, and study the scriptures, we have a road map that will help us navigate through the challenges and experiences in our lives.

How I live my faith

Living my faith? Well, I think our every action is an outward manifestation of our inner committment to our beliefs. I think as I grow and progress I become better and better at acting and reacting the way I believe is honorable and good. All of us, on a good day, can be kind and considerate, but when we are tired and stressed, sometimes our actions become less than we desire. My goal, my hope and desire is to always conduct myself as if the Savior is standing five feet in front of me and watching my every action and interaction... And I guess, in all reality, He might as well be, as I know he sees and is aware of all of us. It's just that we often forget who we are, who we want to be and what our relationship to the Savior should be. I enjoy staying active, and when my kids were young, I loved participating in the community athletic teams, either as a coach or as a parent supporter. I've served in the PTA at school, taught sunday school, coached the girls chuch basketball and volleyball teams and volunteered at our local hospital by setting up a car-seat program. Now that I've emptied-nested, I have a full time job, but I still try to volunteer in the community. I work with the local community music guild volunteering in their fund-raiser activities that provide scholarships for local high school students studying music. For the past few years, I have also been privileged to work on a volunteer basis to coordinate and help teach the neuroanesthesia course to the the nurse anesthesia students studying in the program where I received my training. I enjoy having a chance to give-back to a great profession that has brought me joy and satisfaction.

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

There are some who will question why women in the Mormon Church don’t hold the priesthood. Many years ago, after the Women’s Liberation Movement, many churches changed and allowed women to be ordained to the priesthood. But our church did not succumb to social pressures. In our church, women and men have different but equally important roles. My entire life I’ve been a pretty independent woman. My father raised me that way. At times, since my divorce 19 years ago, I have fought hard to make my place in the world as a single woman. I had a difficult marriage to a man who tried to control me and manipulate me, and therefore I am a little paranoid about men trying to ‘rule over me.’ Never-the-less, I never felt even once in my life that I was a second class citizen in my Heavenly Father’s kingdom because men are given the priesthood and women are not. Women are not less than, but just different than men. In every way I feel equal to men in the site of God and in his church here on earth. I see my role as a woman as different, but equal in every way. When God created the earth and gave woman the ability to carry a pregnancy, one of the most sacred responsibilities to be partners with God in the creation in life, I knew the responsibility and honor of this miracle was at least equal, and in some ways outweighed the honor of holding the priesthood keys. Women are respected and honored in our church. Women are also given roles of leadership in the church, from high levels in the General leadership of the world-wide women’s organizations, and organizations for the youth. Women and men must work together and the church could not function without both men and women and the critical role each have. This does not mean men have power over women, it just means there are ordinances that they can perform under certain situations… it does not equate to holding a ‘position of power’ over anyone. The role of women is not a subservient role to that role which men have in performing the priesthood ordinances. I want to mention also that women are asked to serve within the church in many important capacities, including performing sacred Temple ordinances reserved only for women. And while men are the ones who perform the priesthood ordinances, both men and women can receive the blessings of the priesthood. Together, men and women are able to support and sustain each other. An interesting concept to consider: if men want a priesthood blessing, they can not give it to themselves, they also have to receive it from another priesthood holder. Is there any reason that God can not change this at some time? No, He could if it were necessary or expedient. Is there a reason why the Lords kingdom is organized this way?? Of course, and I admit, I am not really sure totally why certain things are set up the way they are. But I think it makes sense to me. It seems that women are by nature more nurturing and closer to their Heavenly Father. By living worthy to do so, and by performing priesthood ordinances, men also become closer to their Heavenly Father. Some ordinances include prayers that must be spoken word for word, but other ordinances (Blessings for example), are spoken by listening to the Spirit to guide the person in what is said. It is a very spiritual experience for both the giver and receiver of the blessing. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

You know, the first time I heard that someone thought of the Mormon Church as a cult it really surprised me. I grew up in Nebraska, and although there weren't very many Mormons in my small town, I knew a lot of people in that town didn't know very much about Mormons. Still, I'd never heard that accusation while growing up. One thing I did notice as I moved from city to city and state to state throughout my life was that there were an amazing amount of mis-conceptions about who we are and what we believe. I think often times people are afraid to ask us about things they've heard. I am always appreciative of the chance to answer questions from friends and co-workers. Most of the time cults are very powerful groups where the individual members have no option to leave the group. They also discourage outsiders from their meetings and gatherings. We do not encourage our members to secret away into groups and avoid contact with the rest of the world. We do in fact, encourage our church members to become involved in their community, serving on PTA committees, school boards, local government, and to volunteer to make the community stronger and better. There are a few organized religious groups who have named themselves similar names to our church and have adopted a few of our concepts and warped them into something very different than the way we worship and believe as well as different from the way our church is organized. These groups have been in the news for very controversial customs and practices. Unfortunately, because these groups have taken upon their organization a similar name to our church, people are confused and assume they are part of our church. These groups are not a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I invite you to ask any of us about things that you do not understand. It is through understanding each other that we can live peacefully and respectfully along side each other! Show more Show less