Terry: Mormon.

Hi I'm Terry

About Me

My name is Terry. When I was 12 years old my friend asked me , as we were playing volley ball, what I wanted to be when I grew up. My answer was that I wanted to be a mother. My dream became a reality in 1968, when my husband and I welcomed our first daughter. By 1978, we had been blessed with six more children. When our youngest child was in Kindergarten, I took a job working in the Migrant Program for our school district. This prompted my desire to return to school and get my degree as a teacher. I had spent one year as a teacher when I found that we were expecting again. So in all, we have eight children. I have taught school for 26 years. I have taught 3rd Grade, Special Education, English Second Language, and 5th Grade. My husband and I have spent over 20 years working with the scouting program. We have received many honors including the Silver Beaver award. I really like being involved in the community and in my childrens' lives. Seven of our children are married to the most wonderful people on the planet, and what is even greater- I am a grandmother to thirty-two grandchildren who are also some of the most beautiful and gorgeous children anyone would possibly want to see.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was twelve years old my family moved to Arizona. The missionaries knocked on our door. We invited them to come in and share their message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We heard the stories of ancient prophets Moses, Abraham and others. I knew and understood the stories of these great men from my earlier attendence at churches before we had left Michigan. When these missionaries introduced the message that today we have prophets that can lead and guide us , my heart was touched and I knew that what they were telling us was true. I knew that our Heavenly Father who loved his people anciently, could not stop loving his children in this day. It was a whispering in my mind and a confirmation that Our Heavenly Father would indeed send us guidance and direction to help us return to him. I chose to be baptised at this time and have been blessed beyond measure through this very important decision.

Personal Stories

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

Many times the still small voice has prompted me to do certain things. When I have listened, it has turned out in a positive way. Once one of my sons was seriously ill. I had a meeting for the youth, and I had to leave him at home with his father. My husband at the time was an EMT, so I wasn't too worried to leave. I arrived and sat down for the preliminary part. The stirrings within began almost immediately. I felt an overwhelming need to return home. I excused myself and called home. My husband informed me everything was fine, not to worry. I hung up and still could not relax. The promptings still pushed me to return home. I talked to those I served with and explained that I felt that I must return home. When I arrived at home, my husband came to the door surprised to see me. He again assured me that all was well. I was a little relieved, yet still pushed to go and see my tiny little son. When I got to the doorway, he was babbling, I walked to his crib, and picked him up. He was so hot to the touch. He immediately arched his back and turned cold and stiff. He was having a convulsion. Being with him at this moment probably saved his life. The blessing of listening to the Holy Ghost was definitely the right thing to do.

How I live my faith

Scouting has been a big part of the service that I have been able to give. The standards of scouting helped us as we were raising our boys. They all became Eagle Scouts. I have served as cubmaster, den leader, trainer, Round Table commissioner, Advancement Committee, and just about every leadership position in Scouting. I appreciated the values that Scouting gave to our young men. My husband and I are currently serving in the Manti Utah Temple. I have always been interested in geneology. Currently I am a Family History Consultant. This means that I can assist others in researching and bringing their ancestors together in families. This has been a great blessing in my life as I have learned how to research all the stories that my grandmothers and other family members have shared with me through the years. Doing this work has strengthened our family as we have learned stories about our ancestors sacrifices. I speak Spanish and have always enjoyed visiting and helping the Spanish people in and around our community.