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Hi I'm Bethany

I'm a wife, a mother of 5, a registered nurse, a lay "counselor" to family and friends, and... a Mormon! :-D

About Me

At 18 yrs. when I left home to attend my first year at Brigham Young University, my father said that he wasn't losing a daughter but gaining a telephone! That about sums me up in a nutshell. I'm devoted to family and friends and spend what time I have nurturing those relationships and helping where I can (often, by way of the phone). Right now, I am a stay-at-home mother of four active boys and one girl. The stage of life that I'm in presently, is what I call the "thick of motherhood," with children's ages ranging from 12 to 2 yrs. My life feels very full, as it is a challenge to raise children at varying stages. My husband often works long and late hours as an attorney, and has had to travel a lot lately. But he's been blessed to be able to maintain a strong presence in our home and to be able to balance church, job and family in a way that has worked for us all. I graduated with a Bachelor's in nursing, and have a license as a registered nurse on hold while I raise my children. Psychiatric Nursing is my interest and I try to use my training in other ways at home. I am the 8th of 12 children of a loving family. Being so close to so many has been a blessing in many ways, not the least of which is learning with and from eachother as we go through our personal ups and downs. My mother calls me the "family counselor". So, when I am not found helping my immediate family at home, I can most likely be found...on the phone...trying, in my small way, to help to nurture others.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a home of faithful and strong LDS parents. My father joined the church 7 yrs. after marrying my mother who was LDS. I am the 8th of 12 children. So this was years before I was born. By the time I was born, my father was quite a devout LDS scholar. So I knew no different. Their faith affected me in the most comforting of ways and I embraced all that they, and my older siblings, taught me, by word and example, from the time I was born. The first thing that they taught me was that I am a precious daughter of God having come straight from His presence in these the latter-days for a special purpose. I felt the truth of that deep in my soul and felt such an automatic love, and closeness to my Father in Heaven that has only deepened through the years. My parents showed a deep and abiding love for our Savior and Brother, Jesus Christ. They followed Him and demonstrated to me a trust in Him that has always come through. They showed me that the Lord's commandments are a recipe for happiness! That this life is not without trials, but the blessings that come, when you're close to the Lord, in the form of spiritual peace, comfort and others, override the heartache. I also had close up heartbreaking views of the consequences in life when beloved siblings chose not to heed the Lord's Word. I saw that much heartache comes to us because of NOT choosing to follow the Lord's commands. I wanted to be one that chose to follow Him so that I could reap the blessings myself with my family. There was nothing controlling about my parents, but of guiding, directing and setting an example through love. Our whole family saw ourselves as a group of brothers and sisters learning, loving and growing together. I was encouraged to find my own faith in the Lord. My parents often told me to go to the Lord in prayer for my problems and that He WOULD answer. He ALWAYS has. I have seen His hand and felt His love and comfort, and seen many blessings throughout my life as a result!

How I live my faith

Another big part of shaping my ideas about my worth, and of following the Lord through the child, teen and young-adult years, was through the other families and leaders in the programs that I participated in within the organization of the church itself. I wanted my children to know who they are and see examples of faithful people that also look to the Lord in their lives. I knew that church attendance and involvement would be a very important part to this. My husband and I have actively sought to focus our family life around the church's worship services, educational programs and activities. In our congregations, the members are positive and helpful with eachother. We enjoy serving and we have fun! We all play an important part in making the programs of the church run smoothly. We depend on eachother and work together. We are all asked to volunteer in diverse areas to make it all work. We strive to be shepherds for the Lord by be-friending and looking after "the one". One way in which the women do this for eachother is to give every woman over the age of 18, who wants, a couple of women who are assigned to contact and visit eachother each month. My current volunteer position is to communicate to the women who they visit and then to follow-up to keep a record of who is being visited and looked after. In this, I am helping to assure that every woman has ready-made friends to love and be concerned for her personal happiness and welfare at all times. Jesus Christ lives and is our Savior. We can only return to the Father through Him. Christ has returned the fullness of His gospel to the earth through His servants and prophets in this organization called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Anyone may come to partake in the blessings that this organization has to offer. Within its membership is the potential to have the greatest of all of the blessings the Lord would give to His children on this earth. I am so grateful and invite you as well!

How can faith in Jesus Christ influence us in our marriages and family relationships? in our friendships?

Having faith in Jesus Christ and His power to heal; to make ugly become beautiful, and to make broken become whole, has made all the difference in the world to me in my marriage. Jesus Christ is the Healer, and made my marriage into something strong and beautiful - when, at first, there arose some very serious circumstances that made our future look bleak and hopeless. Many around me told me that it was over and to accept it. I remember praying a lot and being assured and reassured in my heart from God that with faith, work, love and patience, the Lord would work miracles in our hearts and home. I called my mother and told her the bleakness of the outlook and the counsel of others. I also told her the feelings of my heart and what I felt the Lord was telling me. I sought her opinion to know if she thought that I was wrong to believe that Jesus Christ's "atonement" was not just for this occasion, to turn the dead into living in this? She answered me with strength and feeling in her voice, "No, don't you believe them! Jesus Christ has the power to heal all things! I believe that no marriage is hopeless with His help. You hang on and believe in Him! He will make miracles happen." Sooner than I'd imagined, the situation turned in an astounding way! As I prayed to Him in awe, I heard thoughts in my heart saying, "Why are you surprised? Wasn't this what you had faith in Me for? The miracles have come.....and your marriage will be blessed." And oh, it has been - very blessed! Show more Show less