What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Greg

I'm a husband and father, I coach 3 soccer teams, develop software and volunteer as a Boy Scout leader. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Ever met that guy that just likes to participate in everything? That's me. I'm not the best at everything I do and that's a consequence of having so many interests. From the time I was 5 I've played soccer. Select? Yup. H.S., a little. Indoor as an adult, love it. My joy comes through coaching the next generations. I currently coach 3 teams in Texas and serve on the local soccer association Board of Directors. The Boy Scouts of America BSA has played a role in my life from the beginning. My older brother saved my life age 1 from first aid skills he learned as a Cub Scout and I've participated both as a boy and an adult. From camping, rock climbing, white water and boating to learning my duty as a citizen, the BSA has helped to positively shape my life and I enjoy giving back to the organization as an adult leader. While I hadn't planned on becoming a tech geek, I naturally fell into the role. Give me a good software design and I'll go to town. Software is modeling real world behaviors and I find it fascinating. Emerging technologies captivate me while utilizing them keeps me busy and content at work. While a few of these distractions fulfill portions of my time and attention, my true joy comes from being with my family. Whether a vacation, family night at home or just snuggled up in bed with the kids, my joy is simply centered on them.

Why I am a Mormon

Some would say I'm a Mormon because my ancestors were and I was "born into the church." Some would be correct, to a degree but miss the essence of why I'm a member of the church. When the Lord calls you, you have the choice of answering or ignoring. Some are called and some request to be called. I find myself a bit in the middle. I was given all the chances growing up to know the Lord and follow in His ways and for the most part I did just that. But as most teenagers push the edge of independence and seek to know things for themselves, I decided to challenge whether I believed in God, His Son, Jesus Christ and whether I believed this Church was really His. I was challenged by a seminary teacher yep, early morning, 6:00AM weekdays 20 minutes away from home to read the Book of Mormon my junior year in high school. I took the challenge but didn't act on it until the year was almost complete. He reminded me of the challenge 2 weeks before the last class whereupon I continued to procrastinate until the final weekend. With 3 days before the last class, I began my reading of the Book of Mormon. By the end of the weekend I had read the book, in its entirety, and felt an overwhelming desire to know if it was true. In Moroni 10:3-5 the final prophet and writer of the Book of Mormon challenges the readers to 1 read, 2 ponder on the goodness of God and remember his mercies and 3 ask God if the words are "not true." I found that challenge odd. Wouldn't you want to ask God if they were true? He goes on to state that God will reveal they are true. And how does he reveal His truth? By the "power of the Holy Ghost." That's how I know. The Holy Ghost, in His power, revealed God's truth to me. My heart burned within. My mind was open to His mercies. My heart took joy in knowing that Jesus Christ is my Savior, I am saved through his Atoning Sacrifice on the cross and in Gethsemane, that this is Christ's Church and that I can live with God again. One moment in life can change the course of an individual forever and that moment set my bearings on living a life filled in Christ. Why am I a Mormon? Because I follow Christ and this is His Church. Because His Spirit touched my soul and revealed to me His love and Salvation.

How I live my faith

Once you commit to Christ, is that the end? I would submit that it's the beginning of a live filled with joy, struggles, peace and pain and through it all living by faith is a measurement of how dedicated you are to Christ. My faith is, in part demonstrated by how I serve Christ and His children. In serving the youth ages 12 - 18 of our church I have the opportunity to influence young people for good, helping them understand the influences of media, relationships, schooling and selfless service. Why do I serve as a BSA scout leader? Because I love the Lord and His young men and want them to have the same Duty to God experience that I've been blessed to have. Why do I coach soccer? So that I may interact with impressionable young people and provider wholesome opportunities whereby they may develop their own personal relationship with Christ. Why do I volunteer on our local soccer association Board of Directors? In part to positively influence decisions from a religious viewpoint that enable Christ seekers to participate without compromising their beliefs. I'd say the way I raise my family is a strong indication of how I live my faith. Family comes first in my life and raising my kids to understand who they are, why they're here and where they're going is essential to their spiritual progression. Family prayer, scripture study and worship fills our home daily. Wholesome and uplifting music balanced with proper media is a focus in our home. Most importantly, my relationship with my wife is the crowning witness of my faith in Christ as I love her as He loves His Church.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A testimony is a conviction or witness of truth. You'll often hear Mormons stating they "know it to be true." Translated: something they've experienced has left a witness upon their soul to the degree they no longer doubt but know/feel it to be a truth. When you testify in court, you witness of your experience. When a Mormon testifies, it's a witness of their spiritual experiences. Show more Show less