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Hi I'm Nikki

I love my Suburban driving, casserole baking, Sprite drinking, Glenn Beck loving, scrapbooking family. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a stay-at-home mom of 6 beautiful kids. My husband and I have been married since 1999 and we have 3 girls, and 3 boys and would like to have a few more. I LOVE to read, and can be found almost every day with a book in my hands from morning to night. I am also a demonstrator for Stampin'Up and love to make cards, scrapbook pages, and almost anything out of paper. I was able to get my EMT along with my brother and I'm taking my pre requisits so I can become a nurse. I love to sing, do sign language, and play with my kids. They are my life and I love them unconditionally.

Why I am a Mormon

I was blessed to have been raised a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, my whole life. Almost everyone on my mom's side of the family are members, but only my dad was a member on his side. I grew up learning about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and the joys of having a family. I relied on my families testimony of things relating to the church. It wasn't until after I had my first daughter, that I began to really truly look at the religion, and all its "rules". Growing up, I felt like there were a lot of rules meant to restrict me from having fun. After my first daughter was born and I started looking at everything the church was about, I realized that those "rules" are there to help keep me safe, and to have a good life. I really started paying attention at church and trying to learn what I had been ignoring growing up. I realized that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me unconditionally and they have given me guidelines to live by, that will make my life happier, and less restricted. I love being a member of the LDS church, and I will never leave the church. I know without a shadow of a doubt, that the teachings are true, and that Joseph Smith helped Heavenly Father bring his church back to the earth. I know that if I follow the guidelines the church has given us, my family will be blessed and happier.

How I live my faith

I have been blessed to work with the children Sundays at church off and on for the past 12 years. I was the music leader several times and taught songs to the children which was a lot of fun. I have also taught the 6-7 year olds, the 3-4 year olds, and the 18 month-3 year olds. I was part of a group of women that get together every month to learn ways to better our families and communities, called Relief Society. In that group I was on the committee to help plan the activities that we did monthly. Now that I'm not on the committee, I attend the monthly activities, and classes and enjoy learning how to be a better mom, wife, friend, and person. I have also been blessed to visit with other women in the church on a regular basis this is called Visiting Teaching. I visit the same women every month and get to know them and their families more. We help each other with struggles of being a mom, with bringing meals to their family if mom has had a baby, or helping with anything that is needed, physically or emotionally. It is a wonderful blessing to be able to serve as the Lord has asked us to serve.

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Yes a husband and wife can be together forever. If you are a member of the LDS church and are following its teachings, you have the opportunity to be interviewed. This interview is to see if you believe the teachings of the church, support the Prophet, attend your church meetings, and are basically living the things the church teaches. If you are found to be worthy, then you can get a recommend to go to the temple and be sealed to your spouse for time and all eternity. By getting sealed in the temple, you have the opportunity to be with your family even after death as long as you continue to be worthy of those promises. If you are sealed to your family in the temple, and then stop following the commandments and principles of the LDS church, you have no promise that you'll be with your family thru eternity. You have to continue to do your part and work for your family's eternal happiness. The temple is a sacred and holy place to be, and the things that happen there are not to be taken lightly. There are wonderful blessings that come from being able to be sealed as a family, and attend the temple. Show more Show less

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

The Church came out with a Proclamation to the family in 1995 I believe, which tells our roles in the family. This is an excerpt from that Proclamation: “Husband and wife have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other and for their children. ‘Children are an heritage of the Lord’ Ps. 127:3.Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, to teach them to love and serve one another, to observe the commandments of God and to be law-abiding citizens wherever they live. Husbands and wives—mothers and fathers—will be held accountable before God for the discharge of these obligations. “The family is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity. Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities. By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners. Disability, death, or other circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation. Extended families should lend support when needed.” “We warn that individuals who violate covenants of chastity, who abuse spouse or offspring, or who fail to fulfill family responsibilities will one day stand accountable before God. Further, we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets. “We call upon responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.” Basically, the husband should be the one to provide for the physical things we need in life home, food, clothes, etc... They also need to lead the home without being a dictator, but a loving father who wants the best for his children and respects their mother. The wife/mom should stay at home when at all possible to raise the children to love the Lord. She is responsible for teaching them to be good people, be loving, caring, to serve others, be charitable and responsible, etc... There are situations, however, where it is not possible for the mother to stay home and not work. That does not mean they are bad parents at all. It is the parents responsibility to raise the children, and not society's. Show more Show less