What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Candice

I am an at-home Mom seeking to build community and hope in my neighborhood and family in ABQ, NM.

About Me

I try to think of each day as a microcosm of life. If something is deeply important to me and the community, I want it to be part of the foundation of my daily living. Music, hard work, good food, laughter and uplifting conversation with others, reading, meditation, hiking-- I aim to enjoy all these things regularly and to uplift others through them.

Why I am a Mormon

The Book of Mormon is the book of books! I've had amazing experiences reading it. My family enjoys greater hope, peace, closeness to God, and love because of our involvement in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Latter-day Saints create wonderful, supportive communities wherever we live. I have enjoyed meaningful and rich friendships with saints of many cultural backgrounds. This is a global, ever-reshaping, progressing church. It's truths are so inclusive and soul-expansive that it blesses people from all backgrounds. What it is becoming will be something unprecedented. It is a church of living revelation from God that works on an individual level. I have tasted the power of priesthood ordinances and their blessings. The priesthood is restored to the earth. The gift of the holy ghost is real and I experience it on a daily basis. It has enlarged my soul, increased my understanding, and caused my heart to expand with love toward all people and all creation. There is no difficult modern question that Latter-day Saint scripture (such as the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price) has not help me to feel peace concerning. For example, scriptures concerning creation, stewardship, and natural life help me find direction and hope in the personal crises I've faced about environmental crises. The more education I have acquired (I finished an MA in comparative studies 6 years ago), the deeper and richer the teachings of the restoration and the Book of Mormon become to my mind and heart.

How I live my faith

Every morning the first thing that I do-- before eating, getting dressed, touching a computer, or anything else-- is go to a quiet spot where I won't be interrupted and address God, or Heavenly Father. I express my gratitude for life and plead with him to influence our lives and my actions for good. As I share my life with Him, I seek to draw close to Him, increase my trust in Him, and receive His influence. Personal prayer is a time when I am my full self-- there is nothing that to conceal from the Father. I do not hesitate to share my fears, confess my faults, and ask Him my most difficult questions. Even though I believe He already knows my heart, my weaknesses, my thoughts, and the ways I've been blessed, there is nevertheless great meaning in expressing these things to Him. It forms and shapes our relationship. Occasionally, I have powerful spiritual experiences and receive personal revelation while praying. I feel as if I am truly before His presence and know that He is listening to me. Frequently, I feel the peace offered by Jesus Christ as I pray, and a sense of His love and concern for me. I pray at night also-- before I get too tired to think. Prayer is hard work and requires great focus and meditation. It is the most important and difficult communication I perform throughout the day.

Why do Mormons baptize their new members?

In 2 Nephi chapter 30 in The Book of Mormon, an ancient prophet Nephi prophesied concerning how and why Jesus would be baptized. Although Christ would live a sinless life and so would need no remission of sins, Jesus would be baptized to promise the Father He would obey all His commandments. Another purpose would be for him to set an example for all Heavenly Father's children. Baptism is a way for each of us to show, as Christ did, that we have humbled ourselves before Heavenly Father and will obey His commandments throughout our lives. The path of safe return to our Heavenly Father becomes more visible to individuals as we enjoy the blessings of the ordinances of baptism. For example, our capacities to obey the commandments, discern right and wrong, and understand the scriptures are increased. The story of Joseph Smith's baptism demonstrates this principle. After he and Oliver Cowdery received authority to baptize from the angel John the Baptist and baptized one another, their minds were opened to truths in the scriptures they could never see before. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

That the ordinance of baptism, as taught by the Savior, is necessary to return to God's presence. The restored gospel teaches that Heavenly Father has made it possible for those who never hear the gospel of Jesus Christ or have the choice to be baptized with correct authority in this life can receive baptism after death. Temple-worthy members of the church stand in as proxies for deceased ancestors in baptismal ordinances for the dead. The ordinance of baptism for the dead was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith, who received revelation and divine instructions to initiate ordinance work for deceased ancestors among the early Saints. It has been practiced ever since. Youth age 12 and up who obey the commandments are permitted to enter the temple only to do this work. Show more Show less