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Hi I'm Carina

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm from Norway, Canada, and now the United States. I'm native to Norway and my family of origin were all born there and speak Norwegian. When I was ten my family moved to Alberta, Canada. When I got married I moved to UT, USA. These experiences are a large part of having shaped who I am now. I claim and love all three countries. I have a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and taught 4th grade for a year before starting a family. My husband and I have three little ones. I chose to stay home with them and make that my full-time calling in life. I love swimming, playing the piano, sewing, reading, good conversation, fall time, rain, the country and mountains and wide open spaces, movies, babies, animals, singing, good food, and wearing my pyjamas!

Why I am a Mormon

I know there are many good people in this world of all faiths. I know I'm not the only one who has these feelings or experiences I'm about to share. What I believe is different is that I have found an amazing gift of the restored true Gospel of Jesus Christ that He instituted when He was on the Earth, but that was lost after the Apostasy, and that it has been restored in its original fullness. We are excited about that and want to share it with everyone so that everyone can have all the blessings associated with it. We believe the authority has been restored which can perform saving ordinances that ensure, among other things, the gift of being with our loved ones for eternity. We believe that we have living prophets and apostles that lead us today. Even though I've grown up in the LDS (Mormon) church, I've had to choose for myself whether or not I would accept or reject its teachings. I have always felt a good spirit whenever I have been to church, listened to my parents teaching me the gospel, or participated in my faith in any way. Growing up, I've also had many personal witnesses that I was on the right path. Now, as an adult, I've had times where I've felt like life was extremely hard, depressing, or confusing; and talking with my Father in Heaven was the only thing that got me through those times. I feel that my Savior is the reason to be happy and have hope, even though my trials don't necessarily go away. I feel like He gives me the gift of becoming stronger so that I can bear those trials instead of letting them control me. I have sometimes questioned whether what I believe is really true, and I realize that some of our teachings probably seem peculiar to someone who is not of our faith, but I have gained and regained that witness for myself that what I feel and believe is true and right. I know God knows what we don't know. The only way to find out what you want to know is to pray about it with a soft heart, and to be patient until you receive answers.

How I live my faith

My husband and I work hard to make our marriage strong. We try to listen to each other, communicate, share, be a team, treat each other with respect, go on dates and spend time together, apologize, laugh, and be affectionate. I feel like this is one very important way I try to live my faith. We're far from perfect, but we're trying. I really feel like the most important way I spend my time right now is to be a full time mother to my young children. I want to be the one raising, influencing, and loving them. Their own mom is the most qualified person to do so; nobody loves them like I do! I'll stay up all night worrying about how to help my son stop hitting, or how to help my daughter feel important. I'm the one who will cry, pray, talk my husband's ear off, and rack my brain over how to best teach and love them. I hurt when they hurt; I'm ecstatic when they say please and thank you! I usually feel tired, but holding my babies is the most amazing feeling in the world. I feel like my Heavenly Father approves of this decision and gives me the help I need in raising them (and I need help!) He's loaning me His children, so I think He wants me to do it right :) Currently I also volunteer as an advisor to the Young Women's organization (youth group for girls aged 12-18). I also visit teach (Visiting Teaching is a program in our church where the women visit each other and make sure we're all connected and doing OK). I take both of these jobs seriously too. I have a goal to pray every day and to read the Scriptures every day. I go to church every Sunday. I try to attend the temple (sacred places of worship) every month. I try to live what I believe by being kind and accepting to everyone around me, whether we share the same beliefs or not. I try to stand for what I believe is right, without being pushy or offensive. I want to share what I have with others, but if they aren't interested in learning more about my faith, I'm OK with that - we can still be friends :)