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Hi I'm Mike.

I'm a happy father, husband, and officer in the U.S. Army. I live a motto of "God, Family, and Country", and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

There is so much here I could write about. I served as a missionary in the Canada Montreal Mission. I graduated college with an emphasis in biochemistry. In college I played a single year of DIV III football, and competed in ROTC Ranger Challenge and Sandhurst Teams. After graduating college, I recieved a commission in the Chemical Corps of the U.S. Army. When I'm not at work, or away training, I am at home devoting 100% of my time and energy to my family. To fill free time I might sit down to read a good historical fiction, tune into the radio, or hit the garage for my next project. My hobbies include working out, buying groceries, and crafting things at home (tables, bookshelves, etc). Suffice it to say that I love life and my family. The Gospel has brought such a window of light and peace into my life, and I have no reservation in sharing that fact with my family, friends, and collegues. Please follow the link to our family blog; we would love to share more about who we are, and how we're doing as Latter-day Christians.

Why I am a Mormon

In the Book of Mormon, there is an account of a single generation of young men who grew up in the Gospel from convert parents. One day these families came under threat of an evil and murderous people. Their fathers, originally from this same group of people, decided that they would rather bury their weapons and risk death than kill again. Many of these men died. Their sons continued in the gospel, and grew to be completely faithful in keeping the commandments of God. They were so courageous that at a very young age enlisted in the standing armies of the land. When war came again, these 2000 young men never once sustained a fatal causality. How is this possible? Faith in a Living God. Who taught them? Their angelic mothers. I am a Mormon today primarily because of a loving mother who never gave up on me and taught me the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon because I know there is a Living God, and this, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is His Church. I have read the Bible, Book of Mormon, and other scriptures and can recognize the Spirit of God testifying to me of their validity. I know that God loves me, and I am His son, and through sacred ordinances in Temples, I will return again with my family to His presence, because of the Grace and Atonement of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I am a firm believer that faith is an action verb, and I try to live my faith each day. It begins Sunday where I love to attend church meetings. What a blessing! One full day that I get to set aside my work, my schooling, my hobbies, and give special attention to worship my Father in Heaven and serve my family and friends. I can watch sports and workout the rest of the week. Sunday is my time with God. Monday my little family has FHE (family home evening) and we enjoy an evening away from studies. The remainder of the week I try to live each day the best I can. I strive to keep the commandments and follow the teachings of the living apostles and Prophet Thomas S. Monson. It is such a blessing to have living prophets to guide us through these troubling times. I find peace in prayer, study of the scriptures, and going to the Temple. I live my faith because I know that one day, my children will remember how their Dad lived the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

There is no denying that we live in a day where evil things are finding new audiences and are being allowed to become social norms. Satan, or the Devil, wants nothing more than to fool the world into believing evil things are good and good things are evil. If this wasn't true, why would anyone choose to do bad things? People are inherently good, and we have the promise that if we ask God, He will answer us. (James 1: 5 and Moroni 10: 4-5) He has promised that "good fruit" can only come from a "good tree". (Matthew 7: 16-20 and Ether 4:12) There are many reasons why some people call the Mormon Church a cult. Some examples: They have been taught to believe so, perhaps by other church pastors. They are angry or offended by the actions of church members. They seriously misunderstand sacred temple ordinances. They have left church membership by choice or by excommunication (resulting from very serious transgressions, or breaking of church standards). Whatever the case, it should not alarm you. Satan does not want good people to find the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you do anything, ask more questions, and judge the fruits of the Mormon Church to what Jesus has taught. Show more Show less