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Hi I'm Holden

I'm the table foosball champion. I like pie. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi, I'm Holden. I'm not as cool as some of the people on here, but I think I'm all right. I'm married and going to college, but don't know what to do with my life yet. I enjoy playing the piano, writing, and eating pie. I currently work as a front desk attendant at a local Community Center. I also enjoy eating Hostess Raspberry Filled Powdered Donuts. I love being a member of the church. If anybody reads this profile and has questions for me that I might be able to answer, visit my blog and leave comments.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I believe this is God's church on the earth. I fully believe that God is real, and that he loves me enough to provide a church, prophets, and scriptures to help me find my way back to Him. I grew up in the church, but like many, have had many of my own personal struggles of faith in times of trial and difficulty. Fortunately, I came out believing, more than ever, that Christ lives, that his Atonement is real and infinite, and that His church is on the church, just as it was in ancient times. It just makes sense to me. My beliefs have nothing to do with growing up in the church, because I didn't really understand it or believe it until I went on my mission just a couple years ago. Like I said, I'm a Mormon because it just makes sense to me. All the great questions of life are answered for me because I'm a member of the church. It's wonderful. I know that family relationships are meant to last forever, and through the Atonement of Christ, this is made possible. I'm a Mormon because Christ's saving atoning powers are fully accessible in His true church. I don't think anything beats that.

How I live my faith

Right now, I'm one of the organists for my ward, and I also help take care of the young pups in nursery. They're fun. They cry and scream a lot, and Maddie is kind of a bully and beats all the other kids up, but hey. It's ok.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Nope, they are not. And I hope that no young men who choose NOT to go don't get judged by their family, friends, and ward members. However, I'm personally and eternally grateful that I was able to go, because my two years as a missionary in Tennessee gave me some of the greatest experiences of my life, and some of the most wonderful memories. While I was extremely scared to go, and I was pretty much scared the whole two years, I'm still glad I went. My love for the Savior was the pure driving force, as it should be for anybody who undertakes to serve a mission. Young men in the church, when they turn 19, are allowed to go on a mission and urged to, by our leaders, if I may say that. Young women may serve a mission when they reach 21, but are not expected to. Personally, I think missionary work is genius. It's amazing to me that God lets 19 year olds go and preach the Gospel for Him in all reaches of the world. 19! We're still kids! The principle, however, is the same as it was when Christ sent out his Apostles to preach the Gospel soon after his ministry. Those who are humble, and weak in the eyes of the world, will be made strong through the Lord, and He will enable them to carry out his work. His Apostles were uneducated and ordinary men, with no significant status in the world. So it is with 19 year old kids who humble themselves and put their trust in God. He will make them capable of preaching the Gospel. He will enable them to learn a foreign language in an extremely short amount of time. He will protect them, guide them, and shower blessings upon them as they share the good news with people in every corner of the world. He will continue do this, and he does, at this very moment. I know this because He did it for me when I was a missionary. While I try to refrain from making it my business whether every young man I know chooses whether or not to serve a mission, I will say this: you will never regret going on a mission. If you love Jesus Christ and you have faith that He can make more out of you than you can ever make out of yourself, you're a perfect candidate for a servant of the Lord. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

People associate a "cult" with something negative and something that they don't understand. People in the world today feel like they have to know everything. If there's a religion with ANY element of secrecy, or unconventionalism to it, they deem it a "cult," even though nobody is really sure exactly what a "cult" is. I believe many see our church in this negative light, not only because of what their religious leaders tell them, but because our beliefs are pretty different from theirs. And differences, to many people, are bad. The fortunate thing is, we're NOT that different from our Christian friends, as far as our core beliefs go. We believe in God, and we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. We believe that salvation comes by placing our faith in Christ and his Atonement, and that by repenting and keeping his commandments, we stay on the "strait and narrow path" that leads to life eternal. This is the core doctrine of the church. There's nothing "secret" or "cultish" about that. We're all open about it, we share our testimonies about it, we send MISSIONARIES out in the world to teach it. The difference, I suppose, is how we gain all that knowledge. We do it through the scriptures the Bible, The Book of Mormon, other scriptures, and through prophets, all of which were restored to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. So, in essence, it's our big differences that make people uncomfortable. The Book of Mormon, the prophet Joseph Smith, and temple work. While we do not discuss the details of the ordinances of temple work for the sake of sacredness being protected, I can sum up what we do in temples by this: everything we do in there points to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. All the covenants we make in the temple serve to remind us of Him and of his sacrifice. We don't do anything crazy and "way out there" that many Christians think. It's just that the world has no respect, none at all, for sacred things, so we do not discuss specifics of what we do, other than baptisms for the dead, and sealing families together for eternity. I know this answer has probably been unnecessarily long, but this question has weighed on my mind a lot. Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

The Bible is the Word of God, and I fully believe that. The only thing is, it is not ALL of the word of God. There is no reason to believe that it is. If only one book of scripture was needed, then why the abundance of churches on the earth, all teaching different doctrines and different paths to salvation? Pretty confusing, I think. The Restoration came about because God's church wasn't on the earth anymore, ever since it became corrupt and fell away soon after Christ's personal ministry. A result of the restoration was the Book of Mormon, which establishes the truth of the Bible, and adds a second witness to the fact that Jesus Christ was INDEED a real person and the Divine Son of God, and that he ministered not only to the people in the eastern hemisphere, but the people of the ancient Americas as well. It confirms the truths of the Bible, namely, that men MUST believe on the name of Christ to be saved, and that they must repent, be baptized, and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. You see, it's the same message as the Bible, but if you look out in the world, you'll find countless churches who disagree, in some respect, on every one of those doctrines. What does it mean to repent? Can't you just confess the name of the Lord Jesus and be saved? Do you really have to be baptized? Does it really matter WHO baptizes you? These questions are all answered by the Book of Mormon. These questions are answered by the Restoration. The restoration came about because God loves us, wants us to be happy, and wants us to return to him. It's a simple message, but the effects are grand and eternal. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons believe in “eternal life?”

Because God loves us and wants us to return to him and be like him. As any wonderful father would. It's simple, is it not? Show more Show less