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Hi I'm Patrick...

and I'm a Latter-day Saint.

About Me

After God, my wife, and my Family, the two loves of my life have been music and skateboarding. I love music for the emotional effect that it has on me, and value the positive impact that it can have on other people. Skateboarding might have a bad rap, but the natural rush that I get while popping an ollie over a fire hydrant or catching some big air on a halfpipe helps me to realize just how amazing these vehicles called bodies that God has given to us are!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Latter-day Saint first and foremost because I believe the testimony of the Apostles and Prophets, that Jesus Christ was chosen to, and did save all men from physical death and the spiritual death that would otherwise come after a sentence for breaking God's laws. I look up at the night sky and stand in awe of everything I can see, and knowing the true nature and character of God makes me reverence him even more because of the power and majesty he posesses that enables him to bring order to the vast cosmos! The most compelling reason is knowing about God's literal relationship to me, and that I am not here as a pawn or experiment, but as a joint-heir with his Son, Jesus Christ, and will one day be like him if I remain faithful!

How I live my faith

My philosophy on life is that a person should use the education that he/she has gained to make correct life decisions. Learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ has given me the knowledge that I need to make the right choices when put in tough situations. To me, my faith in God has helped me to develop more than just a religious perspective on the world, but also a practical view which has enabled me to understand that things are the way they are for good reasons, and that I don't have to rely on the "just because" mentality and stay in the dark. The way that I live my faith is simple: Follow the counsel of the Apostles and Prophets of old in scripture, but give even more heed to the living Apostles and Prophets.