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Hi I'm Ashleigh

From college cheerleader to TV producer to preschool teacher. I'm a wife, I love to try new things, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a college graduate with a love for theater, singing, dancing and participating in sports. The ocean is where I find peace and where I first found God. I produced television for almost five years before I made the leap to work with who I really care most about...children. It's easy to remember how much God loves us when we see it in the eyes of His children.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was little, I knew angels existed & they watched over me. At that time, I didn't believe in God. My father once asked how I could believe in angels, but not God. He said angel's are God's creatures. I made it a point to find out whether God existed. In high school, He revealed Himself to me one morning by showing me the seemingly endless water horizon on one side of me & the seemingly endless horizon of land to my other side. Everything was so incredibly perfect. I knew it was created - not an accident. I didn't find the LDS Church until after I graduated from college, a Church of Christ-affiliated university. I was able to explore my faith in God & Christ there, but returning to the church I attended in high school, I knew something was missing. I started a Bible Study to help others learn more about Christ. In the meantime, my Mormon friends kept inviting me to events & church. I accepted all invitations except church. I had my own & I thought they had it all wrong. Then I began to ask myself why it's so wrong. I spent hours reading the scriptures daily & praying to God in faith He would tell me why it's wrong. Yet my studies & investigations kept proving the LDS teachings to be true. I would focus on a topic like baptisms for the dead - I never thought I'd find THAT in the Bible. But it's there! This continued to happen, so I asked the missionaries to teach me the basics... In my head, I held on to my purpose of proving the Church to not be true. I denied the consistent promptings & affirmations I received from the Lord. After a spiritual experience with friends though, I broke down in tears & could no longer deny what I knew to be true. Now I have been a member of the Church for three years and have been married & sealed in the LDS Temple to my loving husband who is also a convert. I love the Church, I love the priesthood, I love the women of the Church, I love the Prophet and the General Authorities, and I am thankful to my Savior who sacrificed all.

How I live my faith

When I had been offered the opportunity to teach the Old Testament to 16 year olds, I was a little scared at first. I prepared for the first lesson by praying in faith the Lord would assist me. I didn't know their intellectual level, I didn't know their characters, I didn't know if they would fall asleep...but I had faith the Lord would provide. I felt like I should prepare my first lesson as I would prepare it for young adults my age - nearly ten years older than my students. To my delight, the students received the lesson well. They were able to draw what they've learned in high school history and their social experiences to relate to the lessons of the Old Testament. And for the Lord to confirm He had helped me do well, a young student who chooses to rarely attend church approached me. She thanked me for teaching her something she hadn't learned before and for not sticking to the basics but for allowing them to really learn the depth of what the scriptures provide. I was blown away and ever grateful for the help of the Lord in preparation and presentation of the lessons I teach in Sunday school. I've had various Church responsibilities since then, but each time I question my abilities or qualifications, I remember to trust that the Lord qualifies those He calls to do work.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Mormons live in happiness. Our Heavenly Father, from the beginning, has instructed His children how to live that they may find joy and happiness. Throughout the Old Testament and other scriptures, God has sent Prophets to be His mouthpiece. The Prophets have instructed us through revelation from God how we will be the most happy. When we follow the Prophet, we are not only putting our faith and trust in God, but we are setting ourselves up for greater health and happiness. Show more Show less