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Hi I'm Ari

I'm a speech therapy student. I'm an artist. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a speech pathologist at a pediatric clinic. I believe that the ability to speak is one of the most liberating gifts I could give to anyone. My youngest sister has Down Syndrome, and seeing the grief that it gives her to not be able to express her young desires makes me see even more what a wonderful blessing my own speech is, and how much I want to share that blessing with others. I am a great art lover, on a canvas, or outdoors, on God's canvas. I love to view and create beauty. I know that there is great power in creating beauty. I find joy through the magic of art and creation through hobbies of painting, drawing, and cooking. The most beautiful creation is God's creation of His children. I have learned so much more about this as a mom and as a therapist. I have learned so much from little children. I believe that every person can teach you something about God if you let them. Young or old, atheist or Christian, rich or poor, well educated or illiterate, we are all children of the same God, and just as my siblings and I are all different, but all in some way like our parents, we all have traits like our Heavenly Father as well.

Why I am a Mormon

My family has always been Mormon. I have a more Mormon-filled heritage than almost anyone on the planet, so it would be easy for someone to take a look at me and say "Oh, she's just Mormon because that's how she's been brought up", which is in part, true. I have been blessed with parents who have taught me to love the Bible and the Book of Mormon, but more importantly, to love Christ, of whom those books bear witness. I was blessed to be taught, from a young age, how merciful and loving our God truly is. God loves all of his children, and gives each and every one of them opportunities to learn and to grow and to come to know and be more like Him. Yes, I became Mormon because of being raised in this church, but why am I Mormon now? It's where God wants me to be. I've seen His power in this church and in His prophet. Like Matthew says in his gospel, it is by their fruits that you may know a true prophet from a false one, and the blessings in my life alone are enough for me to see that our prophet and our church are directed by God just as much as Moses and the Israelites were led by God across the Red Sea on dry ground.

How I live my faith

I love that the LDS faith does not have a paid clergy. I grow in faith by teaching classes, giving prayers and sermons, and singing in the choir. I do my best to find opportunities to serve others and let others see God's love through me. I study the scriptures and pray every day so I can feel closer to my Heavenly Father.

Are Mormons Christians?

I have been told before that Mormons are not Christians because we believe in a "different Jesus". I believe in and put my trust in the Jesus of the Bible, the redeemer of the world, the son of God. I believe that it is only through His grace that we are saved, and without His sacrifice, our belief, our charity, our devotion would mean nothing. If that does not make me Christian, I do not know the meaning of the word. Show more Show less

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

In the Old Testament, only the Levites, and in fact, only the male descendants of Aaron, were given the priesthood. This was not because God loved the Levites more, or because they were more important, but because this was the way God decided to delegate this responsibility. Similarly, today only men hold the priesthood. However, the priesthood is given them to serve others, and in no way for the holder to serve himself. As a woman, I know that God loves me just as much as any man, and that the role of women in the church is just as important as men. Show more Show less