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Hi I'm Lanae

I'm a happy mom of 5 children. I love music and I love being a Mormon.

About Me

When I was in my college days, I remember wondering why my mom didn't seem to have any hobbies or things she did just for herself. Now I understand. As a mother of 5 children, some days it is hard to even get a shower! But I am joyful that my husband and I have five healthy children who are pursuing many wonderful things in their lives. And I find things that interest me in relation to them--I volunteer with the Choir Parents Association at the high school, I teach Art Masterpiece at the elementary school and I volunteer at the library at the Jr High so I am participating in things I like. Now that I don't have little children at home, I do get to attend a book club once a month and I attend an institute class an in-depth scripture study class once a week which really makes me think. I love having time to do those things. And I love the friendships I develop as I serve at church--lately I am a counselor in the Primary or children's organization which means I work closely with 3 other women helping to supervise 60 children and 20 teachers. I am never bored. I love attending all the sports games and concerts and hosting activities for my children and their friends at home. The celebration/food fight we hosted for my son's 16th birthday the other week was particularly memorable....

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in an LDS family in the San Francisco Bay Area. I loved our church activity and my friends in the church though I did have friends who weren't members of my church. I came to realize in high school though that I couldn't live my beliefs just because of duty to my parents or whomever. I realized I needed to live my life in accordance with what I felt in my heart. Thankfully, the experiences I had had as a youth participating in church plays, attending youth conferences and girls camps sponsored by the church and watching my parents and extended family live the gospel gave me a great foundation for knowing that living the principles taught by the Savior bring me peace and joy. I strengthened this knowledge living on my own during college and so I decided to serve as a missionary for 18 months (I was called to serve in Venezuela in South America). My mission experience strengthened my faith in many ways but I have continued to gain understanding and depth of faith as I have lived as a wife, mother, neighbor and served in my church congregation. I have no doubt that the ultimate purpose of my existence is to learn to align my will with that of God my Heavenly Father and of His Son Jesus Christ. I know that the best sources to know of God's will are through reading scripture (the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price), through hearing and following counsel of modern prophets and through personal revelation that comes through personal prayer and pondering. I know as I learn to love as they (God and Jesus) love, I am bringing the most joy and peace to myself that I could ever hope to attain as well as bringing joy and peace to the lives of those around me.

How I live my faith

I pray each day to make a difference for someone, no matter how small. And I try to read scriptures daily to keep my perspective in focus. I hope to help my children, my husband, kids at the school, in the neighborhood. I have worked with cub scouts and the young women's organization. Most recently I have helped in the children's organization, teaching gospel lessons on sundays, singing, organizing fun activities like easter parties or water parties in the summer. I got to help produce a Christmas play this last year presented primarily by the children that focused on the Savior. My next assignment that I am so excited about is to help my husband organize a reenactment of the Mormon Pioneer trek for about 250 youth in our area. We get to do "super activities" like this every four years and we hope to help the youth reconnect with their pioneer heritage as well as take a break from worldly influences and reconnect with their spiritual roots. I also love to visit about 4 women each month to give them a spiritual boost as well as help them with any concerns in their lives. Although myself and a compaion are "assigned" to visit certain women, they usually end up being some of my best friends. It is a joy to be involved in people's lives in this way.

Are Mormons Christians?

My daughter just turned 8 and so was recently baptized as a member of our church. Her uncle, my brother, spoke at her baptism and mentioned this topic. He taught the children being baptized that they were now becoming Christians because they were following Christ's example. Christian means "being Christ like, doing as He did." Christ was baptized by John the Baptist, not because he needed to be washed clean of His sins as He had none but to "fulfill all righteousness" and set an example for us. When we are baptized and continue to follow Christ's example, we are Christian. We take His name upon us by joining His church and promise to stand as a witness of Him in all we do. Some people consider the word Christian to denote a certain kind of church, but we believe that really anyone who is willing to follow Christ's teachings and to be a witness of Him as the Savior of the world is a Christian. Show more Show less