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Hi I'm J. McBeth

I love music, hardwork, school, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up loving to play soccer. As a child I always wanted to play the Alto Sax and was able to pick it up in the 4th grade and continued it until the last semester of my senior year of High School. I am currently enrolled in college. I want to take off in the movie producing world. I would love to work of any aspect of the audio department. More specifically become the sound mixer in films. I am a very loving person. I try really hard to have no enemies. I care about what people think and yet hold strong to my standards. I try to live my life in a way where I fit the mold of my savior Jesus Christ. He is the center of all I do and say. I fall short of perfection but have a testimony of repentance and forgiveness.

Why I am a Mormon

Many feel that if you are born and raised in a certain belief then that is what you should be till you die. However, I was raised the opposite. My parents told me to never “take their word for it” but to study my questions, ponder about them, and then pray. A portion of my study had to do with observing others. I am the youngest of five children and had the privilege of learning from every one of siblings (three sisters and one brother). I got to watch their examples and avoid a lot of sorrow in my life because of it. I saw what happened when they were not living the standards that were set by my parents, which where the standards set by the church. When they were not obedient, they were not happy. I had no question in my earlier years to just be obedient. I saw a pattern of happiness and wanted it, so I followed that pattern. I have always felt the spirit as I attended church. The warm, comfortable, and peaceful feeling that comes from what this church teaches is real. That impacted me. However, as I believe everyone should, I did come to a point where I had to battle my faith and find out for myself what was truth. When I was in High School I did not hang out too much with the "Mormon" crowd. The majority of my friends where not Mormon. I had a lot of strange questions thrown at me from many of them. This was due to the fact that most of the "Christian" churches around feed out "anti-Mormon" propaganda and rhetoric. At the same time my friends looked at me as the "example of the Mormons." Or at least that is how I felt they viewed me. I took their concerns they shared with me and I researched them. As any teenager does now in days with the internet, I would Google those questions. That is what led me to Anti-Mormon WebPages. I looked at the many forums. I contributed to those forums. People who where hostile to the church and its beliefs would see my input and would find me to "battle." I read the scriptures. I challenged others, myself, and likewise was challenged by those who found me. I was, in a way, addicted to this anti-Mormon realm. The more and more I read and watched articles and films created to discredit the church the more I believed the church was true. The points against the church where weak. It didn’t sound right or make since what was published to discredit the church. However, I do not recommend that "spiritual pornography" to anyone. That is not the way to gain a testimony and knowledge of truth! I gave a Book of Mormon to a "Satanist" later on in my High School years. That mourning I felt a distinct impression to put a Book of Mormon in my backpack with my regular book. I did so not knowing why and even questioned the prompting. This Satanist asked to read it during the 15 minutes we had to read for our class period. I let him borrow it and two weeks later he had finished it and gave it back. He declared that he was not interested. Confused I asked about what he read and we discussed it. Judging by his responses I knew he read enough of it to understand it. I then asked if he prayed and asked God if that book was true. He replied, "No." I then read to him Moroni 10:3-5. He accepted the challenge given by the prophet in those versus. Three days later he had an experience while praying to God that changed his countenance. Because of the effects of that prayer he now carried a testimony of the divinity of Jesus Christ and His role as his savior. I couldn't believe it! No debate. No Bible Bashing. No arguments. That was it! "How is that done?" I had asked myself. So I tried it. I bear testimony that the Lord answers prayers. I read the "fruit" of Joseph Smith (who claimed to have seen God and Christ to restore the true gospel). If the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. Because God answers prayers I know that the book of Mormon is truly the word of God. Now being Mormon is a big deal. I am not just part of a fancy club that believes some peculiar things. I am a member of the True Church of Jesus Christ. Christ leads us through a Church that He personally restored by visitation to the Earth. He has not forgotten us nor has he ceased to be a God of miracles. This church has the truth restored and we can now receive all of the blessings of the Kingdom of God. Everything Joseph Smith revealed directs us to Christ and His Atonement. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I try to serve others and emulate Christ in all I do. One way I choose to do so was by serving a full-time mission (two years) for the people in Montana. I served them 24/7 for those two years and completely lost myself in that service. That special two years confirmed that service, done by pure love, is the way that I choose to live my faith.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

J. McBeth
I have never met anyone who has claimed the power to raise all men from the dead and provide true and everlasting happiness. Jesus Christ offers that for us. We need Christ, or a savior, because it is impossible for us to save ourselves by a power we do not have. Christ was given that power by God. If we follow Him that power will save us from death and hell. Show more Show less