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Hi I'm Harmon

I'm from a one stop light town, I'm a muscle car enthusiast, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am from Idaho, I know my intro thing says I am from a one stop light town, BUT there are two in my county.... I think.... anyways, at the time being I am serving a mission for the Church in the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission. Getting called to Utah, to teach people about the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was kinda strange at first since its where the church is headquartered (and its so close to home), but I Love it. I am obsessed with American Muscle cars, good ol' classic Detroit Iron. I Especially love Mopar muscle cars i.e. chargers, roadrunners, super bees etc. The car in my picture is my 1971 Dodge Super Bee, I built it with my Dad, her name is BEATRICE. My plan is to build more muscle cars when I get home. I love playing sports, but mostly basketball. I enjoy trying new foods, especially stuff from the Asian countries. Overall though, a pretty simple life for me.

Why I am a Mormon

Well in all honesty I started out being a Mormon becuase my parents are. Throughout High School and what not I didn't read, I didnt pray, I would go to church because that's what my parents did. I didn't really know what was going on, I just went. So at the age of 18 I went off to school leaving the family behind. It soon came to my attention that I needed to figure things out for myselfm, about whether or not what my parents taught was true. So at school I began to read and pray about the Book Of Mormon, and I felt the Spirit confirm to me of the truthfulness of this restored gospel. Also on my mission I have seen this message change countless lives, bringing people from darkness to light, from sorrow and guilt, to peace and happiness. Seeing changes like this, lets me know what we share is of God. I love being a Mormon, and I love being a missionary.

How I live my faith

Well right now I am serving a 2 year mission, where we go and teach people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I enjoy it quite a bit, sometimes its tough, but when you see someone began to understand principles like Eternal Families,and they gain a desire to acheive that. Seeing that change is incredible, and makes it all worth it. Or seeing someone who never had a belief in Jesus Christ, come to know that he lived and died for us. Thats what it's all about. One of my favorite things is to teach the youth. When I was a youth it seemed like Life was just one big trial, and I was constantly messing up. It also seemed at times impossible to be forgiven for any misktakes. I came to realize that the ATONEMENT of Christ is real, and all things can be forgiven as we turn to our savior. So, I love sharing this with youth, I love seeing youth finally get it and have a desire to attend church, to read, pray, and a few times I have seen Youth baptized after hearing this message. So I guess I live my faith, at the moment, by following Christ and testifying of his infinite love daily.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

We do NOT worship Joseph Smith. I look at it like this. Think of Moses and when he led the children of Israel out of Egypt. I know if I was one of those led out of custody by Moses, I would be so thankful to Moses. EVEN though It was all by the Power of GOD that they were able to escape, so I would forever be Thankful to GOD, but I would be glad that Moses was one worthy to be a Prophet and lead the way. Now our church teaches that after CHRIST'S death, and His' Apostles deaths, the church of JESUS CHRIST was corrupted by man. We teach that this put the world into a time of darkness (The Dark Ages) We teach that Joseph Smith was chosen by GOD to restore the FULL gospel of JESUS CHRIST. Restoring the gospel from a time of Darkness and leading the way to bringing the Church back. Making it possible for us in these days to be involved in the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST. To be baptized just as CHRIST was, to be joined with family forever, and to learn of countless other eternal truths. So as one would be thankful to Moses for leading them out of captivity, we today are thankful to Joseph Smith for being Worthy to be chosen by GOD, as his Prophet, in leading the way out of the time of Darkness. We are so Thankful for Joseph Smith and for all he went through, but we Do NOT worship him. Show more Show less