Evandro: Mormon.

Hi I'm Evandro

About Me

Well, I'm a quite simple guy, living in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I mostly love what I do and try to find the love on whatever I do. Hanging out with friends and family are one of my favorite hobbies. I'm kinda into the computers thing, probably gonna work for living with that. Besides the boring stuff I love music and photography, besides books and poetry. Also, I've been looking forward teaching with the missionaries in my spare time so I can improve myself to serve a better mission.

Why I am a Mormon

Sometimes people ask: Why do I stick so much to our Church's doctrines? The answer is simple: I could never taste of such a purest and strongest feeling than sharing a piece of the holy ghost in every sunday morning, every session in the temple, every moment when I wanted to cry and "someone" handed a hand over my shoulder. It is a life-changing experience to let the love of Jesus Christ and our God to inhabit our core. I did never find any place on earth that would care so much about our families, that would give people so much love and support as I did here. Someone could easily say that you don't need a church to dictate that love and orientation for family and therefore be as much happy as I am. True, in fact, you don't need to be a mormon to be respectful and a person of good deeds. But in a world full of disgrace, where virtues have been underrated and distorted, you'll surely need something to stand by you when nothing else does. Jesus Christ once called us "friends". He died in sacrifice for us and he called his murderers, "friends"! I don't have such a heart and courage to let this friend of mine down and to disappoint him. And this is our Church. It is a stronghold. People of high moral standards that live looking after God. And this is why I'm a mormon. Because I want to be like Jesus. The love that could make a difference.

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons do family history or genealogy work?

We believe that our families could survive the effects of time and death and exist forever, eternally. So, family history implies into researching our family roots to gather our families together into a eternal plan.

How I live my faith

I'm the actual bishop secretary, which makes me responsible for taking care of the relationship between the bishop and the members of the ward. Being a leader in the church has taught me how much more effort it takes to lead people. How much organization it takes and how much care does it needs to fill the needs of every member. Out of many things I could quote, home teaching is far from the most, the one thing that brings me to the best experiences I've ever had! Oh, how great it is to help people, to teach them, to share of our gospel and be able to recognize our savior in every thing around us. How comforting it is to sweep the tears from the face of a friend, to share from the love of our Savior and Redeemer! At the work, at the school, at many places I've been through times when I was the only mormon standing there, standing alone. But I knew I wasn't that much alone. I had my teachers, my friends, my leaders and most important: Our Savior by my side. I could never forget the so funny and, at the same time, inspirational events for the youth. The campings,the mutuals and all the time we've been through with each other, inspiring and strengthening ourselves sharing experiences with each other. Not to mention the spiritual experiences we've had. Living this faith has made so much for my own happiness that living a life of service would be insufficient to pay off and express my gratitude for such wonderful blessings that have been brought over my life.