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Hi I'm Andrew Abel

Rock Climber, Singer/songwriter, and a Mormon!

About Me

I love the outdoors, people, music, and of course my Heavenly Father. I am interested in living my life to the fullest. It doesn't matter what arena I am in, whether it is rock climbing, strengths coaching, writing music, or simply being a brother to my sisters. I want to be known as someone who wasn't afraid to be himself, and to develop myself where I know I have been given strengths and talents. I love being alive, and helping others see their own innate gifts and abilities, and to see people make changes in their life's to come closer to who they truly are. The one title I truly love to be reminded of, and to remind others of, is that they are a beloved son or daughter of God. There is nothing that gives me more joy than to see others come to know this truth, live it, and believe it. My life hasn't always been easy, I've had my challenges. I have an older brother who was an amazing example to me. He passed away when he was in his mid twenties from Leukemia. He went through 4 years of cancer and chemotherapy, and seeing his love for people, even through his struggles, is a major factor in why my faith is so strong. I've struggled with numerous challenges growing up. I struggled with some anxiety earlier in my life feeling that in the church I had to be perfect. I felt trapped for a long time, feeling like there was no escape. In the atonement though, there is always relief. The Savior is ever ready to heal the sick soul, and to bind up the broken hearted.

Why I am a Mormon

Because I love Jesus Christ. I love the church that he has established on the earth today. I love every small simple fundamental step that has been put into place for me to learn to love, be loved, and progress towards greater and greater perfection in Jesus the Christ. I know that being Mormon has nothing to do about being perfect, but everything to do with being consistent in Christ. When I fall down, I call on my Savior and his atonement. Being Mormon means I don't blame God, or Jesus Christ for the hardships I face, because I know that the gospel is easy, but life is hard. I am Mormon because I had the agency to choose a life that would bring a greater depth of understanding of who I am, who others are, and the atonement. I chose to follow Christ of my own free will, because of his invitation to take his yolk upon us. I have done so, and I will continue to do so, to use my freedom to choose him. What it truly comes down to, is being Mormon means I love, I seek love, and I receive love from a perfect being who has a plan for me. It means I have a real relationship with my Father in Heaven. It means I can be with my Family forever, and see my brother again. It means I am not scared for the future, but excited because of the potential it holds. This is why I am a Mormon. I would ask the question then, Why aren't you Mormon?

How I live my faith

I live it in everything I do. I can be coaching somebody, and the realization that they are a beautiful and special son or daughter of God helps me to see the potential underneath. I can be writing music, and see the need to express the love I have felt through God's perfect son's atonement. I can be rock climbing and stop to appreciate the beauty and the wonder of his creations. I live my life through cherishing the relationships that matter. I seek to be alive, and not simply live, and the gospel does that for me. I have found countless ways that God has allowed me to share my strengths and gifts with others, and it's in who I truly am. I love to live this gospel, because it brings us all back to one another. It brings us back to the basic fundamental truths that we all want in our lives. Love, charity, grace, justice, forgiveness. It is all there for you. I have found as I live the principles of the Gospel, and remember what relationships mean in this life, I have found my ability to love, and progress, way stronger than anything that the world will ever offer. I live the gospel, and I use words when necessary to explain why I live the way I do.

What is Mormonism? OR What do Mormons believe?

Andrew Abel
I believe in My saviour Jesus Christ, that he died for me. That he created an organization on the earth established to help his work go forward on this earth, and bring salvation to all those who seek it. Show more Show less