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Hi I'm Morgan

I'm a daughter, a sister and a wife, I'm outgoing, happy, musical and liberal... and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Morgan, I grew up in a military home. Since I was born, I have moved seven times. I love to sing, and to write, sometimes I even play the piano. I am an education major, hoping to transfer to BYU in winter. I love to laugh, and play and be silly, but I have my serious side, well, sometimes. I love my husband more than anything in the world and absolutely adore my family. I have a loving father and supportive mother I am still a loving sister to my hilarious brothers, even though I am the only Mormon in my family.

Why I am a Mormon

I converted when I was sixteen after nine long months of investigating the church. When I was fifteen I got out of a two year relationship with a boy at my high school, I had become quite isolated from my friends throughout those two years and in an attempt to make new friends, I joined the backstage crew for my high school's spring musical. There I found a half dozen of the most welcoming, good hearted people I had ever met. I had been searching for a religion that truly spoke to me for a long time and when one of them invited me to church, I took the opportunity. I had never heard of Mormons, had no idea what their beliefs were, all I knew was that they were happy and loving and that is exactly what I wanted to be too. After attending church and speaking with the missionaries a few times I asked my parents if I could be baptized, they wanted me to wait. Though I was young and somewhat impatient I held my ground for the nine months it took them to be comfortable, I waited as well as I could. I lived the gospel as I was taught to and I had faith that, in time, my parents would allow me to be baptized, and on January 19, 2008 they did. My parents attended my baptism, they saw me speak in church, and we had a beautiful ring ceremony after my temple sealing that they were able to participate in. Though my family is not mormon, my faith has never stopped us from being the loving, joyful, close knit bunch we are. I love my church and I love my family, I thrive living a life where they coexist and I am proud to say I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I am so grateful to be able to say that in my hometown this past semester I was able to serve as a sunday school teacher. The class I taught was specifically for new converts and investigators and it was so fulfilling to help others learn all the new and wonderful things that I was once taught. My husband and I just moved for school, but we are so very excited to receive new assignments here. I already know this new place will be wonderful!

How are modesty and chastity related? How can parents teach their children to be modest in dress, language and behavior?

It wasn't until recently that I truly gained a firm testimony of the principle of modesty. Though I had done my best to follow the rule, I got to see it in action my freshman year of college. I need not go into detail about the situations I encountered at the university I attended my freshman year, I did have one conversation that was particularly interesting. In a conversation regarding why so many college boys take advantage of so many young college girls, he said to me, "you can see it in how they dress, some of them are just asking for it." While his statement may have been completely off base, it gave insight to me on how immodesty can appear to many young men. What many young women simply see as fashion, many young men interpret quite differently. Dressing modestly tells those around us that we are not interested in breaking the law of chastity. That our bodies are important things to us that need to be respected. In short, oftentimes the way we dress directly affects the people we attract and the way we are perceived. Having been a young teen quite recently, I understand the issues we can cause for our poor mothers hoping for us to choose the right decision. The best thing my mom did for me was simply explaining to me how people might perceive me to be only because of my clothes. She lovingly told me that no matter what decisions I make I will always be her daughter and she will always love me, and that she just didn't want to see me get hurt because someone judged me unfairly. By dressing in such a way that reflects my personality, but maintains modesty, I gained respect, good friends and found myself able to keep the law of chastity because of the good influences I attracted. Show more Show less