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Hi I'm Eric

I am a student studying Information Systems. I love to socialize and develop friendships. I am a Mormon and love it!

About Me

I am a man of total awesomeness! I am currently studying Information Systems, with that comes my passion for technology and also business organizations. I love to ski during the winter months, and during the other months just anything that takes me outdoors - hiking, the beach, mountain biking, star gazing, anything that just makes my day! I am a drummer and I tend to play the piano, although I do not consider myself a fantastic musician. I am always doing something social because I love making new friends and developing those special relationships. Recently I have been on a travel spin. I returned from a two-year mission to Brazil, lived in Orlando, Florida, working at Disney World for the fun of it, and I am planning to either do an internship in Brazil this next summer or return to Disney on a professional internship in my field, or maybe I will just go to a new location and work as an intern there. Traveling is one of my finest passions and is something I expect to continue doing.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the Church. I love the security I have had with loving parents and friends who have grown up in the gospel with me. I have always had direction and guidance which has helped me to avoid the horrible tragedies that can affect us in life. I know that the gospel influences others who grow up in it in the same fashion, it brings light and a path in an otherwise confusing world. Although I did grow up in the Church, I still had to find out for myself if this was true. I did that through study, prayer, and sacrifice. I know this is where I am meant to be and where the Lord wants me to be. The gospel brings happiness in ways that are not possible anywhere else. This is where I belong and I know that the Church is true. Without it, I would be a completely different person. Why do people constantly say Mormons seem to be the happiest people they know? It is because of the influence of the gospel in their lives and the efforts they make to live it according to their capabilities. I am a Mormon because it is what God wants for me and it is the only way to true and complete happiness.

How I live my faith

Because I have traveled so much and have not stayed in any one location for a long period of time, I have had little opportunity to establish myself in a congregation, although for a time I did serve in my home communities youth congregations in a leadership position. That position helped me to desire to serve my fellow men even more. But all this traveling has shown me how I can still practice my faith in any location. I have my standards and principles to help me remember who I am when I enter a new environment. I study my scriptures and speak to my Father in Heaven through prayer to know his guidance as well. And every where I go, I have been lucky to worship with other Mormons, even though I was not exactly a familiar friend to them. But I know if I go somewhere with out a congregation, I can still practice my faith, because I have my scriptures, prayer, and the standards to Lord wants us to live today. We can practice our faith anywhere, all it takes is the desire to do what we know is right.

Who was Joseph Smith?

The prophet called of God in our modern times to work as His tool. He was given the responsibility to reorganize Christ's Church on the earth, clarify misunderstandings, and be the Lord's mouth piece. He did everything by direction of the Lord. Although Joseph Smith is important, the restoration of the gospel could had occurred through any other man God would call, Joseph Smith just happened to be a man ready and prepared by God for the job. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

It is a requirement from God that all priesthood holders preach the gospel to the nations. Serving a mission is apart of that. It is strongly encouraged that all men serve a mission, but if one does not serve a mission, they are not kicked out. On the contrary, usually if they do not go they have strong personal reasons and the Church makes a large effort to bring them closer to the fold to give them comfort and a stronger understanding of the Savior's love. And they are not forced to serve a mission. But the Church wants all members to be a "member missionary." We are to be examples to all people about how much happiness people can have by living the gospel. We want everyone to have as much joy as we have, so we share the gospel and its joys with almost anyone. That is why the regular members, not just the missionaries, are so keen on sharing this great blessing with others. Show more Show less

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

No. Mormons do not practice polygamy. Polygamy we refer to it as plural marriage is a principle found in the Bible with people such as Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and others, In the early days of the church, Mormons practiced polygamy to live this principle and also to support one another. In the 1890's the time came to end the practice and today the Church only allows monogamous marriages. If any member of the church is found practicing polygamy, they are kicked out of the church. There are several off shoots of the Church that still practice polygamy although they are not recognized by the Church. These off shoot groups left or were kicked out of the church about 100 years ago. Show more Show less