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Hi I'm Drew

I'm a Husband and Father, a Doctoral Student in Behavioral Neuroscience, and I'm a Mormon

About Me

As a husband to my beautiful wife and the father of my funny little boy, I look forward to each day that I get to spend with my family. I am originally from Richland, WA in the southeastern part of the state. I have since moved to Provo, UT where I received my bachelors in Neuroscience and am now attending Brigham Young University as a doctoral candidate in the Behavioral Neuroscience PhD program. My wife and I met while we both attended college. A couple of years later we have a little boy named Jacob who just can't stop smiling. My current hobbies and/or interests include astronomy, wood-working, baking, and reading. I love to study the universe and attempt to comprehend what life must be like beyond our own world. Though not nearly as developed as I would like, wood-working is a talent I'd love to acquire. In all reality, I bake because the rewards are always delicious. Finally, I enjoy losing myself in a story and looking at life through another author's perspective. It is no mystery that I am a scientist at heart. My mind is frequently unsatisfied with the simple explanations for daily issues. I make an effort to look at issues and/or questions critically and avoid being cornered into a single discipline of thought. That being said, there are some truths that I have found that have shaped my views on life and the workings of our universe. One of those truths includes the literal existence of God. That truth has provided me with a foundation of good to build on.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for my whole life. You could say that I was shown and taught the doctrine since I was a babe. However, my sense of curiosity and exploration into the undiscovered has brought about a personal nature of testing all that I know. I've known with reason that breaking rules or committing sin is not the way to see if principles are true or not, but instead I've always sought to see the promised blessings in my life. I've learned that in order to know if the church and its doctrine are true or not, I must do what it says, and then see if the promises are fulfilled. This is the same approach that I would take for anything else, especially science. To prove that gravity is real, we must follow the rules and then see if they hold true 100% of the time. As far as I've known, every object that has been dropped, has fallen to the earth eventually. Thus gravity has held constant in our lives. As I've proved principle after principle for myself, my faith has grown stronger and stronger. The promises are real and the blessings that result are real. They are not coincidental, nor are they happenstance. I have a firm testimony in this church and I have no idea why I would ever decide to be anywhere else, in any other circumstance, following any other standards, for these are truly the Lord's standards.

How I live my faith

I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for my whole life and therefore have been a participant in its community for as long as I've been able. I have been asked to participate in leadership positions, teaching positions, and serving positions. I currently have been called to serve as the Family History Consultant in my ward. To fulfill my calling, I must be well accustomed with family history work and be prepared to assist and promote the spreading of family history all around the community. The greatest feeling I've had in serving as of yet came when I was called as a missionary for the church to bring the message of the restored Gospel to the people of Indiana. This service was a two year commitment and was an all day every day work. It was absolutely fantastic. Though I am now in college and have much less free time, I strive as hard as I can to keep such a commitment and hard working attitude with the callings I have now as I did when I served my mission. I love the chance that I have to learn and use diverse skills within the church as I'm asked to serve in many various ways. This is truly not a stationary church. The people do not find their place and stick there for the rest of their lives. We move, we grow, we progress, all through these opportunities that we get to serve the Lord in so many various ways. Christ did not ask us to be the best choir director in the church, He said to become like Him, a perfected being, One who was great and an example of all perfected skills and characteristics.

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

There are few people in this world that do not know what it's like to shop in a supermarket and buy some foods that are simply purchased for enjoyment rather than nourishment. Surely some of these things can be a part of God's small blessings of happiness while here on this Earth, but we must also realized, that man has also created some substances that are truly destructive to our bodies and we need to avoid them any way possible. Regular argument continues today over what amount of coffee, tea, or alcohol is appropriate for the body and if it is good or bad. However, the reason why I do not partake in any of those substances is the principle of agency, my ability to choose. I don't mean that it's simply because i choose not to. I mean that these substances have the ability to eat away my agency bit by bit. Any coffee drinker will admit that it is exceptionally difficult to start a morning without their regular cup of coffee. Slowly but surely, there is little to no choice for that drinker to go without coffee, they have become completely dependent on it. Personally I would like to keep my body free from the binding power of things such as coffee in the morning. A lady I met while serving on a mission for the church showed me how far this principle of reducing our agency really goes. Although she did partake in many harmful substances, the addiction and dependency she was most affected by was that of her computer. While trying to help her fix her computer one day, my companion closed out of a window on her screen and she actually had an anxiety attack, worried that we had messed everything up. She had become completely dependent on the joys that her computer was bringing her. So it is less the substances themselves that may be the problem, but more the addiction, dependency, and reduction of agency that man must worry about. Thus, we believe that the Lord has commanded us to not partake of such things to protect us and our agency from the binding power of the adversary and his traps. Show more Show less