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Hi I'm Terry

I'm a Mormon. I'm married and a father of 10. I'm a cardiac, thoracic, and vascular surgeon.

About Me

I am 64 years old. Between my wife and me we have 10 wonderful, beautiful, life-giving children and 10 grandchildren. I am a cardio-thoracic and vascular surgeon. I went to BYU and University of Utah. I enjoy skiing, scuba diving, and hiking in the mountains. In the last 10 years I have enjoyed immensely studying everything about my church, including ancient Judeo-Christian history and doctrine.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a Mormon family, but I have gained my own testimony of the truthfullness of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, by faith and study and living the principles of the gospel, and by serving in my church. I am awed beyond expression at the love and care that my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Chirst have for me and everyone of earth's inhabitants. I am awed by the restored Gospel and how it meshes with ancient doctrines. Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and every subsequent prophet of the Church has been entrusted to continue what Joseph Smith restored. Listening to what our prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and the Apostles and 70's teach, I know that they are inspired of God. The Gospel answers our questions about life. The Book of Mormon is proof that the gospel is true, as are the fruits of our religion. The Book of Mormon must be approached as if you were approaching God--with respect and patience, with sincere intent, and without flippancy or skepticism. Ask God in the name of Jesus Christ, if it is His word and if there is a message for you. I love the restored Gospel. It answers simple gospel questions, like what is the "third heaven" Paul talks about, and deeper questions, like why are we here, where are we going, why is there evil?

How I live my faith

I live my faith by studying everything I can about my religion, but especially the scriptures. I have downloaded the audio scriptures from LDS.org, and listen to them while driving. It's amazing how much time we spend in our cars. The narrator for the New Testament has a beautiful English accent, perfect for the King James Bible. I serve in my local congregation. I attend my meetings, and I attend the temple monthly. The temple is a strengthening experience! There is no pagentry---just simplicity, that allows me to focus on communing with God. I try to live the principles of Chirstianity by being gentle and good to my family and friends and every aquaintance I make. I try very hard to never be contentious or mean or belittling or sarcastic to others, especially my family. I am always grateful for everyone who graces my life, counting them as the choicest of all of God's blessings. I try to be educated and productive with my life. I try to stay healthy so that I can enjoy this great gift of life as long as I can. When my mortal sojourn is over, I hope I can look forward to moving on without fear. I am so looking forward to falling at the feet of my Savior and bathing his feet with my tears of joy.

Are Mormons Christians?

The word "Christian" was first used at Antioch, as recorded in the Book of Acts. Paul taught there. He taught Christ crucified. Of course, he also taught Christ resurrected. He practiced charity. Joseph Smith said that the fundamental principle of our religion is the testimony of the prophets and apostles that Jesus died, was burried, and rose again the third day, and that all else was appendage to this truth. Some people of the other Christian faiths say we are not Christian because we are not Catholic or Protastant, and because we do not believe some doctrines of the Creeds of Christianity formulated hundreds of years after the apostles had died. These things developed long after the word "Christian" was first used. There is not anything in the Bible that Mormons point at and say, we do not believe that. In fact, the Book of Mormon was given in our modern age as a witness that the Bible is true. To me, we are as Christian as anyone. It is my experience that the Book of Mormon will immensely enahnce your understanding of Christ and His mission as recorded in the Bible. Show more Show less

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Consider the Garden of Eden. What was its purpose? The Christian understanding is that it was God's intended eternal abode for His children. Adam and Eve were alive. They had bodies of flesh and bone. They were man and wife. They were commanded to have children. They were immortal. But, they had to leave the Garden of Eden. Christ, however, has provided a redemption for mankind. How far reaching is that redemption? Was it only partially effective? Mormon's believe that Christ's redemption is completely effective, and will restore us to a state like Eden. We will have bodies of flesh and bone, as Christ did after his resurrection. We will be married, and we will have children. We will be immortal. There is a lot more to this story. Man cannot conceive of the things that God has in store for His children. Show more Show less

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A "testimony" is knowledge gained through the Spirit of God. A testimony that Jesus is the Christ, that the restored Gospel is His church, that the Book fo Mormon is the word of God, that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, that the Church is lead by prophets, seers and revelators---such a testimony is gained in different ways. Some people simply know without doubt these things are true. Many people experience an over-whelming feeling in answer to sincere prayer followed by patience. It can be life changing if the knowledge gained is faithfully used in one's daily life. Others gain a testimony by noticing a distinct improvement in the quality of life when applying the principles of the gospel. Some have seen angels. I have not. Brigham Young said to be thankful if you have never seen an angel, because, it seemed, everyone who ever did in the early days of the restored Church sooner or later left the church. A testimony is gained by sincere desire, by studying the scriptures, by living the commandments and serving in the church. Some would say this is brainwashing. I would say that doing otherwise brainwashes you against a testimony. You have to take the first honest steps in faith. Show more Show less