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Hi I'm Jake

I am a college student, an outdoorsman, a traveler, an optimist, and a husband to a beautiful wife. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently a senior bachelor's student studying Accounting. I love to learn about anything an everything and am extremely proud of my school. While in college I have been able to study in South America and Europe, and hope to someday travel to each and every continent. The world contains so many mysteries, including and especially the many billions of people that populate it. Though life provides countless wonders and adventures, my favorite one is my cute wife! We were married in December of 2009, and I can't wait to experience our life together.

Why I am a Mormon

My father served an LDS mission in Switzerland, and also has a long line of Mormon ancestors, but my mother does not. In fact, she is the only member of the church on her side of the family. When she was 16 years old, some friends of her's invited her to come to church and hear some lessons from the missionaries. She was nervous that it was going to be really weird, but instead she found that the teachings brought more meaning to her life than she had ever experienced. She gained a testimony of the truth of the gospel and was a baptized a member of the church. Eight years later is where I come into the story. I was the first of three children born to my amazing parents. They raised me in the church and taught me the things they knew to be true. When I was 8 years old I made the decision that I wanted to be baptized and become a member of the church. I can still remember how clean and pure I felt after my baptism. Even though the decision to be baptized came from myself, I still had a lot of learning and growing to do. There came a time when I was 14 that I needed to find out for myself if all I had been taught by my parents and church teachers was actually true. Does God live and love me? Did He send His Son, Jesus Christ to save me from sin and death? Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints His true church on the earth? Was Joseph Smith a true prophet of God, just like Abraham and Moses? Is the Book of Mormon the word of God, as well as the bible? These questions started to penetrate my thoughts and made me contemplate whether all of it was true or not. I decided that I would put it to the test. I picked up the Book of Mormon and started to read. I read about the stories I had been taught since I was a child, but something else stood out to me. The Book of Mormon was full of the testimony of Jesus Christ. I felt something inside my heart that told me it was true. Only after I knelt down and prayed to God, asking Him to confirm my feelings with the spirit, did I find out for myself that it really was true. There have been so many times since that occasion when I have repeated the same process, and the results have been the same. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, and that Jesus Christ leads and guides the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This conviction that I have is the strongest and most simple reason of why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I love to be involved in my church. I love that there are so many opportunities to love and serve other people. Possibly my favorite responsibility as a member of the church is to visit a couple of families in my neighborhood each month through the "home teaching" program. I love sharing a spiritual thought with them and helping them with anything that needs to get done. They also help me out in return. For example, one of the guys that I visit is taking me fishing next week! I love getting to meet great people and the church is a great place to do it.

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Temples are literally the House of God on the earth. They are a symbol of what heaven will be like. They are a place where the Spirit of God can dwell in great abundance. Just like there are requirements to get to heaven baptism John 3:5, following God's will, Matthew 7:21, there are also requirements to enter into His temples, as they are a holy place preserved from worldly stain or influence. The requirements to enter the temple require faith and obedience to God’s commandments, but it is possible for everyone to fulfill them and consequently enter into the temple. Once converts are baptized into the Church, they have the opportunity to prepare themselves for a year before they get to go to the temple. There are not any secrets as to what happens within the walls of the temple. If one truly wants to know, they are welcome to prepare themselves spiritually by getting baptized and keeping the commandments of God. Once a new member enters the temple for the first time, they understand the sacred nature of the temple, and they keep to themselves the things they learned inside. This keeps the temple sacred and unspotted from the world. The temple is a wonderful place, and God desires all of His children to have the opportunity to enter and partake of the Spirit that dwells within. Show more Show less