Jeff: Bettinger, Boerne, Petco, USAA, San Antonio, Human Resources, Mormon.

Hi I'm Jeff

About Me

I am the happy father of four and husband to my best friend. I spent 12 years as a school teacher and since then spent a brief time as an insurance agent, then moved into the HR world. I have worked for several Fortune 500 companies. I love to fish, go on cruises, take my wife on dates, and follow our busy children from one activity to the next. As we have time we try and ride roller coasters in theme parks where ever we travel. I now work for a Pet Retailer heading up leadership development.

Why I am a Mormon

My conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ came when I was in my teenage years. I started reading the Bible, and Book of Mormon regularly and really took a look at how I was trying to live the teachings of Christ. As I worked to rid myself of those things that would distance me from God's mercy the gap between me and the heavens closed. During this time and many times since, I have received personal experiences with God that have taught me that He knows me personally and that I am His son. This knowledge has given breath to my life and that of my family as we strive to live in a way that allows the Mercy of Heaven to bless us.

Personal Stories

Can you think of a specific challenge in your family that Gospel Principles helped overcome?

Recently our family had the opportunity to choose between two different job offers. One that would keep us living in our home and another that would mean relocating. Our church teaches us that as a family we can have a relationship with God. We put this to the test by asking our family to join us as parents in a day of devotion to make the best decision for our family. We concluded at the end of that day and through an in depth family discussion that we should move to the new city. For some families this would be tough, but when as a family we felt moved upon by the Holy Ghost to make the move, it has allowed the entire family to be at peace about the decision to move.

Why do Mormons go on missions?

Right after the Savior taught the Woman at the Well in John 4, she ran into town to tell all her friends about the Savior. We go on missions to share the witness of our personal experiences with Christ. I served a two year mission and was able to share on a full time basis my own witness of Christ. It was an incredible experience and one that taught me to power of selfless service to others.

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

I have read the Bible and the Book of Mormon several times. My studying the scriptures has given me a foundation and toolbox of principles from which I can draw upon to make similar decisions in my own life. I look to what the prophets and scriptural figures learned or experienced and work to relate those events to similar events in my own life. For instance, on prophet in the Book of Mormon was faced with living and teaching the gospel while living in a place where not many were interested in his beliefs. He decided the best way to live true to his relationship with God would be to serve the people. I have done the same in my own neighborhoods, and at work. This has brought numerous people to me to ask me about the why behind what I choose to live. Teaching them, and serving them brings me closer to God.

How I live my faith

During my time in this church I have been called upon to serve in a variety of ways. The most challenging was leading a new congregation of about 400 people. I learned at a deeper level during that service how merciful the Lord is towards His children. The most interesting experience was about a year stretch when I was asked to go to the local jail each Sunday and offer classes to the inmates. The area where I have been making a difference lately is in a ministry working with the jobless. It has been so rewarding to see so many people gain or return to confidence as they become employable again. Today I work with the young men in the church preparing them to be honorable fathers. Outside of church I am an avid Scouter and spend many hours teaching boys. I like to say that I grow Eagles. The highest rank in Boy Scouting.