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Hi I'm Kenneth Green

I'm a man who overcomes, who is dedicated to saving my ancestors, and a very creative mind. Hi my name is Kenny and i'm a Mormon!

About Me

I was born in Denver Colorado to two developmentally disabled parents. My parents were not able to care for me so i was raised by my great aunt. I'm one of those kids who were told i wouldent even graduate high school, but i did! I did that and went on to college and many more things. I love to fight for social justice in certain issues for poor people, i love to write and paint. I'm working to finish my college degree i've changed major's many times and i'm working on starting my own non profit to help people in my community. I believe this is why my heavenly father placed me on this earth. To serve and help others and to be a witness for him!

Why I am a Mormon

I was lost, and very alone as a young man. My great aunt who raised me had ended up in a nursing home. And while i did have a job i had no friends, very little family, and a dreary existence. Then one day at work i met a man by the name of Eddy Montalvo, back then he was Elder Montalvo. He was a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and he was so very nice. I began arguing doctrine with him and all the other missionaries about 30 of them. The reason for the arguement was my Non Denominational Christian upbringing. And i heard so many bad things. But each time i tried to argue these Elders and Sisters responded in love. While i was trying to have an arguement, they were loving me. Trying to be a friend. And even though i never took the Book of Mormon seriously, one day i took it home and did as my friend asked me to. I sat down with it and i read it. And then i then prayed to my heavenly father asking if this was true. I woke up early the next morning around 2 AM knowing it was true. I needed to read it an explore it! I had the same love for it that i had for the Bible. It was an instantaneous change! And it was clear to me that this was the true Church of Christ and that the Book of Mormon was true. All in an instant! That was a Friday Morning that i got my testimony, i sat down with the missionaries that Saturday for 8 hours, and Sunday i was baptized and joined with Christ's church!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by striving to be an example of charity, longsuffering and care to all i meet. I study the scriptures to get a better understanding of my Heavenly Father's plan for me and all of his children. I tell others my testimony of how the Lord has helped me overcome a plethora of debilitating diseases and issues and how he has blessed me and my family with all that we have. I live my faith honoring my priesthood living and striving to be worthy to be a conduit of the Holy Ghost al all times.

What is being a Mormon like?

Kenneth Green
It is such a joy to be a member. Your part of a community of many others who love the savior. A community that is there to serve the world and each other. I am able to meet people of all types and learn from them as i share my experiences. To put it plainly, it's one of the biggest joy's of my life! Show more Show less

Are there restrictions based on race or color concerning who can join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have the priesthood?

Kenneth Green
I am proud to be an African American. But something i'm even more proud of is that i hold the Priesthood. There are no restrictions based on race or color. I've been a member of this Church for over 10 years and have never encountered racism within it! I serve alongside of brothers and sisters of all colors and races and hold the same priesthood of God as any other brother in the church. Show more Show less