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Hi I'm Daniel

I'm a musician, an artist, and a linguist. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a college student finishing my bachelors in linguistics with hopes of one day attending law school. I love music, and I have enjoyed playing the piano and singing for many years. I also love sports, including swimming, running, and soccer.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in a Mormon family, and so I have been a member of the church my whole life. My parents always taught me about following Christ and trying to live the Gospel. When I turned 18 and left for college, I realized that I couldn't live off the faith of my parents forever. I had to find my own path. This was a time of tremendous growth and learning for me as I sought my own answers. As I continued to attend church and strive to obey the commandments on my own, I came to know little by little that this truly is the right path. I began to better understand why my parents were always so happy, even when times were tough. I also learned the hard way that when I stop doing the things I know to be right, something is missing in my life. I know that this is the path that God wants me to follow. This is the way that I can attain happiness for me and my family. That's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Living my faith has given me lots of opportunities to serve. That's what it's all about. One of the responsibilities I have right now is that of a clerk. I get to help count and keep records of charitable donations that faithful members make. I am always so amazed by people"s generosity. The news would have us believe that people are cruel and corrupt, and that the world is overrun by social problems and crime. While those things exist, I have seen that there is a very selfless side to humanity. I am blessed to be a part of the charitable efforts that the church makes to bless the lives of those who are less fortunate. I feel the love of my Savior every time I myself make a contribution, because I know that any donation that I make is treated as sacred. I know that it isn't going to pay anyone's salary (all church officials are volunteers), every cent is going to be used to help someone in need. I find that the best way to follow Jesus Christ and live my faith is by helping those around me. That's what we are taught in the Church. I try to find opportunities to serve others, both spontaneous and planned. Through little acts of kindness God performs great miracles. When I think just about myself, my problems seem overwhelming, but when I concern myself with others, my problems seem to disappear. I know that that's how Christ would want me to act.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

No. We don't worship Joseph Smith in the same way that we don't worship Moses or Noah or Abraham. Joseph Smith was a man called to be a prophet and a leader for the world during a hard time. He had the special responsibility of helping to restore precious truths that had been lost from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as many other necessary aspects of His Church. Joseph Smith was the first prophet of this dispensation, or period of time, and for that we are grateful to him, we remember him, and we study his teachings, but we do not worship him. This is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and as the name says, we worship Christ, our Savior and strive to follow His teachings and emulate His perfect life. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

We have a very special understanding of our relationship with God. We believe that God is literally our Heavenly Father. He is the father of our spirits, and just as any good earthly father, He loves us with all that He is. We believe that He has done and will continue to do everything in His power to help us with our problems, comfort us in our trials, and teach us how we might one day attain all that He has. God wants us to return to His presence one day. For that reason, He sent His son Jesus Christ to suffer, die, and be resurrected for us, that we might become clean and worthy to regain the Father's presence (1 John 4:9). In the same way that we resemble our parents here on Earth, we believe that we look like God. The Bible teaches that we were created in His image and likeness (Genesis 1:26-27). We believe that God has a physical body of flesh and bone. It is not, however, like our mortal bodies. Just as Christ's resurrected body, God's body is perfect and glorified. He is immortal in every sense of the word. God is our father. He is perfect, loving, and He has a plan through which we might become like Him. That is the nature of God. God is love (I John 4:8). Show more Show less