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Hi I'm Alaska Black Hults

Christ's perfect love--and his actions--heal and invite me to act kindly, speak compassionately, and mentor our young adults.

About Me

I'm 45 and married for 18 years to the fellow I dated the summer I turned 16. We have three boys--a teenager and twin preteens. Christ's example inspires me to seek to erase boundaries, to share responsibility and privilege with all, and to be not color blind, but rather to celebrate in the greatness of our individual diversity--our different ways of speaking, thinking, presenting ourselves, and being--and to act in ways that foster educational equity in a social system which currently does not. Until my first son was born, I was a motorcyclist. I taught motorcycle safety with my husband in California. We traveled thousands of miles together. After my son was born, there just wasn't as much time for riding, but I have kept my motorcycle license current. I don't think I've been on my last motorcycle trip, yet. I'm a convert who joined the church at 19 while at college in Ohio. I wasn't always as active at church, but by the time the twins were born, my heart was firmly back in the pew, and my husband joined the church about 6 years later. We were sealed together as a family for time and all of eternity in December, 2008! Our eldest son is currently waiting for his mission call. It has caused me to reflect on the spiritual growth in our family. I see how the family that befriended me in my early church membership has, through their actions, led to a family in the Gospel, and now that family sends a missionary out into the world to find another who needs it.

Why I am a Mormon

I was introduced to the Church through my friendships with teenage members of the Church. I was especially impressed by the family of a friend which was going through a very difficult time. One of the daughters had made some decisions which impacted the whole family. During this time, although emotions ran high, it was clear that family members were devoted to one another and difficult discussions were not avoided. I could see that the eternal perspective of the family gave them courage and hope. I wanted that, too. Eventually, I contacted the missionaries myself, took the discussions, and was baptized. Today I continue in the Church because of my Faith in Jesus Christ, having sincerely prayed to know the truthfulness of the Gospel, and having, through prayer, developed a Faith in the Church as the restoration of God's church upon the earth. Attending church regularly helps me learn more and learn from others. Serving in various positions has also increased my testimony of the Church, and I have really grown through those callings.

How I live my faith

First and foremost, I work on my relationship with Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ, through daily prayer and scripture study. I tend to be a little overscheduled, so it requires some forethought and planning to make sure that I get the scripture study in, but doing so turns my mind more frequently to living the Gospel, and I feel better about my whole life when I make sure that these simple things prayer and scripture study happen. I also try to gather the family once a day for a family prayer and scripture study. This is really a challenge, regardless of the age of the kids. Littles have little attention spans and bigs have big committments. But the payoff is huge. In the same way that dinner table conversation draws us closer together, listening to their brother pray that they have a sharp, clear mind today for their test that day makes them feel like the family is behind them in this matter and, I hope, makes them more likely to turn to their family for support when they need it. At work and school, I don't hide the fact that I'm Mormon, and I try to be a good example of what that means. I especially try to be helpful and the kind of person people would want for a friend. I think He expects us to model our behavior after the Savior, and while I struggle to be even remotely that Good, it seems more than worth the effort to try to be that giving.

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

Alaska Black Hults
We can talk to our sons and really open our hearts as we listen to their replies. We can remember that coming of age is about learning, exploring, yes, but it's also about acquiring self-discipline, and choosing to do the right thing because the long-term payoff yields a better kind of wealth: peace of mind, self-respect, and freedom from slavery to "excitement" and the need for immediate gratification. We try to help our son to understand that while curiosity is normal, the images are not easily forgotten, and not necessarily easily controlled. They tend to come back to us at times we least want them--such as when we are seeking after the comfort of the Holy Ghost, when we are praying and when we are seeking that connection with our Heavenly Father. Further, the advisary may use the images and the action of having given into our curiosity to try to convince us we are unworthy of His love, and unworthy of His sacrifice. We emphasize the rewards of repentence, and the rewards of self-discipline, and stress that choosing not to look at pornography reaps the best reward of all: freedom from their hurtful influence. We also emphasize that a growing awareness of sexuality is normal and will be a precious and important part of our sons' marriage some day. But that the wait, and making the decision to exclude pornography from their own life, is an important part of being worthy of that marriage. Show more Show less

Why is self-reliance important to Mormons? Why do Mormons talk about emergency preparedness?

Alaska Black Hults
We're not a family who acquires food storage, only to abandon it in the basement. Rather it becomes the basis of a healthy lifestyle as we rotate the goods through our regular diet. Doing so lowers the cost of our groceries (so important with three teen-age boys!) which allows us to better afford my schooling and has helped us pay off a great deal of debt in the last ten years. This is a personal example of how preparedness helps us to become more self-reliant, so that church and community resources can go to others in greater need than we. Show more Show less