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Hi I'm Anne

I strive to be a great wife, an amazing mom & a best friend. I love to serve others at home & as a pharmacist. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a convert to the church (see the "Why I am a Mormon" section below). Growing up, I moved around a lot but all within my small hometown in northern Minnesota. After college graduation I moved quite a bit more - 5 states in 5 years. Most of my moving around was due to educational pursuits. I started PhD programs at two universities - one in Chicago and one in upstate New York - neither of which I finished. Eventually I decided to earn my doctorate in pharmacy. It has been a wonderful career so far. I have a flexible job which allows me to just work a few days a month and otherwise stay at home with my son. In my spare time, I really enjoy sports, reading, spending time outdoors and traveling.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in Northern Minnesota and come from a Scandinavian and German background. Like most with that background, I was raised in the Lutheran church. I was active in church and summer camps throughout high school even though my family did not attend frequently. After college, I moved to Chicago to start a graduate program. While there, I didn't attend regular services or activities and really started to wonder about different religions. A friend of mine from the Lutheran summer camps who happened to have moved to Utah and been in touch with the missionaries posed the question of "If you did not have any outside influences on you, what church would you attend?" This increased my interest in the church and I started seeking out more information about the LDS church. Like you, I turned to the internet for answers. I came across all sorts of websites about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - some stated good things and others took a very negative approach. However, the negative websites just didn't sit well with me...they didn't feel right. I decided to go to the source - www.mormon.org - in order to find true information. I clicked on a link for a free Book of Mormon and got in touch with the missionaries. As the missionaries were teaching me, I just felt a peace like I had never felt before. I also felt as if all they taught was very familiar and it seemed to fill in gaps and answer questions I had about my own faith. I wanted to have the light that they and my newly baptized friend had. I was baptized in the spring of 2002. I cannot explain how greatly my life has been blessed since that time. I am not saying that life became "smooth sailing" as soon as I joined the church. However, I have a greater perspective on things now that help me to understand why sometimes we go through difficult times. No one else in my family has joined the church although my husband and his family are members. I am not going to lie - it is difficult and heartbreaking - but I know that I am doing the right thing in the Lord's eyes. I have been amazed at how open they have become in regards to the church and its doctrines. It is that perspective, faith and hope that keep me going through difficult times. The plan of salvation teaches that we have eternal families - not just here on earth but after this life. That gives me strength to help me through accepting the mortality of loved ones. Also, through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I have gained a greater understanding of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us. I have come to understand that he suffered not only for our sins but for our sufferings, our shortcomings and our sicknesses. I know that I can turn to him with any difficulty I may face because I know that he has been there. 

How I live my faith

There is not a day that goes by that we do not kneel and pray together as a family. That really helps to keep us on the same page and united in all that we do. I am so grateful for that "safe haven" that is my family and I feel the safety and security that comes from living the gospel.  I strive to read from the Bible and/or the Book of Mormon each morning. This provides a little boost of faith and adds some perspective as I start out the day.  I guess what all that leads up to is that I try to keep the Holy Ghost my constant companion. The opportunity to have the Holy Ghost as a major help in my life is one of the greatest blessings I have received upon joining the church. Part of the confirmation ordinance of the church is to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I had felt the Holy Spirit's influence before joining the church but it became stronger and more apparent after my confirmation. This not only provides guidance and help but also a sense of peace. I strive for that peace in my home. I have learned that keeping a home that invites the Holy Ghost is a lot like weight-loss. You have to refrain from doing certain things that do not invite or drive away the spirit of the Lord as well as be proactive in doing good and righteous things that will invite the spirit. I am grateful to have a home where I can feel a heavenly peace no matter what my day has been like.