Zack: Mormon.

Hi I'm Zack

About Me

I returned in July from serving the church full time in Boston, Massachusetts. I'm the oldest of 5 with 4 younger sisters. I'm going to college and I'm looking at studying Chemical Engineering. I love playing tennis, cycling, and being outside.

Why I am a Mormon

I gained my knowledge of the truthfulness of the church through prayer. At a young age I remember realizing that I didn't know whether or not this church was correct, but I wanted to know. I remember asking God to help me know. My answer didn't come immediately, in fact, it took several months, but one day as I reflected on it, I realized that the Lord had answered my prayer and I felt a surety that this church is His and is the church I should be a part of. That testimony and my involvement in the church have made all the difference in my life.

Personal Stories

What is hope and what do you hope for?

Hope is a belief in something that you can't really see or prove. I have a hope that despite the challenges in the world, I can have a happy and successful life and be together forever with my family. I have a hope and trust that God lives and loves me, and that He will always do what is best for me.

How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

Some people think that making wrong choices doesn't really matter. The fact is that wrong choices often tie us down and limit our ability to choose later on. Right choices, on the other hand, keep us free from addictions and bad habits which allows us to keep making more and more right choices. It's just like what happens at a fork in the road. The more we walk down one path, the harder and harder it gets to go back and start again on the other one. It's important to make right choices, even when it may not seem fun, popular, or the easiest thing to do. In the end, it will definitely be worth it.

Please share your feelings/testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel.

I have a deep trust in the restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith. I have received answers to my own prayers so I know that God answered Joseph's prayers. I have experienced the blessings of the church that was brought about through him. I have also prayed to know whether it is really true. In answer, I have felt a deep peace, confidence, and happiness. It has changed my life for the better and I know it's where God wants me.

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

I used to wonder whether or not being a Mormon was the right thing for me. I didn't know if all the teachings were true. But I wanted to know for myself. One day as I was reading in Alma 32, I came across verse 27 where a Book of Mormon prophet testifies that even if we can no more than desire to have a belief, that desire will grow into a testimony. Well, I trusted the Lord would help me know whether or not being a Mormon was what He wanted of me. Sure enough, just as that Book of Mormon promised, I received my own answer. I know God knows me and answers prayers. That answer that came from the Book of Mormon has changed my life and made my relationship with God much closer and more of a vital part of my life.

How I live my faith

Like I said, I just returned from a full time mission for the church in Massachusetts. It was the most rewarding two years of my life to this point. I loved being able to serve the people there and invite them to learn of the gospel that's brought such peace and happiness to my life. We did things besides teaching too like community service projects at food banks as well as disaster relief projects after flooding. I look forward to being able to continue to participate in the church here at home.