Jenny: Convert, Teacher, Widow, Combined family, Mormon.

Hi I'm Jenny

About Me

I was a young widow that was blessed with a "second chance" at love. Now, a retired public school teacher. My 2nd husband & I love the outdoors - especially white water rafting. We have raised 10 terrific kids - now we are technically empty nesters & are livin' the dream. Life is GOOD!   

Why I am a Mormon

After the tragic death of my brother in high school, I was concerned about life after death. Where was he? Would I see him again? Would he know me? This motivated my search for "the meaning of life." When I met with the missionaries, I learned about the plan of salvation - how I lived before I came to earth & how I can achieve exaltation after this life, the Spirit bore witness to me of the truthfulness of this plan. With the gospel of Jesus Christ, I felt that my life took on a new purpose, rich & full of hope.    

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons go on missions?

Mormons go on missions for the same reason that Christ & His apostles traveled about preaching the "good news" of the "cry repentence" & to encourage people to "come unto Christ." 

Why/How do you share the gospel with your friends?

I LOVE the gospel with all my heart it has given my life purpose & brought me great happiness. It is natural to want to share this happiness with friends & people you love. I try to share the gospel by the way I live my life. I am very involved in service projects, activities, & church meetings & I am not afraid to talk about these things with others which will often prompt more questions from friends. This allows me to explain my beliefs in a natural way without being pushy or forced.   

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

I loved Bible stories as a child & always wanted to hear more...surely there were more? The Bible is a sacred record of one group of people who lived in & around Israel, but what about the other groups? Where were their stories? The Book of Mormon is another sacred record of those ancient people who lived on the American Continent - it is another witness of Christ. Reading the Book of Mormon helps me to better understand that God loves ALL people & by following the examples of the Prophets we can live better lives & draw closer to our Heavenly Father as we learn from these stories.   

What have you done successfully to shield your family from unwanted influences?

One simple thing we've done is decide ahead of time that we will not watch R-rated movies. That means that we don't rent R-rated videos as well. Media can be a powerful influence positively or negatively. By focussing on more uplifting programs, we feel this helps shield our family from unwanted/negative media. Children are easily influenced by celebreties & the characters they play. 

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being active in my church & community. I have been blessed to serve in many areas. I was the children's chorister for many years, helping the children to learn the gospel through music. I loved working with the youth at church, helping them to set goals, embrace good values, & to stand for truth & righteousness. I have also served with the ladies at church, helping plan & organize programs that help the sisters "come unto Christ." We participate in community service & try to lift one another's burdens as we follow our Savior's example. As we are "called" to different positions of service within our ward, we are blessed by helping others to grow in the gospel & live their faith as well. As I serve others, my testimony & faith increases, too.