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Hi I'm Stephen

Hello I work in construction, my families are of Old American stock & Cherokee. God Bless the Republic of America !

About Me

I am a Father of 5 children 2 boys and3 girls. I am a master drywall finisher and Italian Plaster applicator. I have a strong American Heritage. My Irish/Scott's came in the 1740's to this Land and traded with my other ancestor's and joined with my Ani Yunwiya family,or Cherokee in English. I like to study history, to learn the wisdom of those in the past and share it with others. My path is taking me into the far past of the Cherokee and their beliefs. I also am learning the HAM radio, which is a fun hobby.  I have a blog that is a work in progress to Share Native American stories about God's dealing with them, and other North American Archaeology and links to more information about a lot of interesting though inspiring things. Come visit, add your questions, comments, or share your stories.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the Faith, however I found my mind in a state of flux about 18, many changes take place at that age, I did question about the faith, having grown up knowing of it I still did not know for myself it it were real, true for me. I knew there was a Creator in Heaven, but for myself I needed to find out did God live, was Jesus the Christ ? So began my journey, I began to honestly search the Bible, Old & New Testament to discover if it were true, In it I was told to ask God, so through 3 days of fasting and prayer I did receive my answer from a Blessed Father that Jesus is the Christ and redeemer of the Earth, that the Bible was the word of God. At this time the next step was to be taken, in my learning process, who was Joseph Smith Jr. ? and this book, The Book of Mormon a reported history of the America's and God dealings with these people. So began that journey of discovery. I did honestly read with faith wanting to know of the truth or false of this man and this book. Upon finishing the Book of Mormon I did follow the directions of one of the writers to ask of God in faith if it were true, thus another 3 days of prayer and fasting, and once again I was told by the spirit of truth as before this is truth, this is real and a good fruit to partake of. Thus began my journey I had learned of myself that Jesus is the Christ, that for me this LDS Faith is of God. I know the LDS faith is real and true, and so does my Father in Heaven who answered my honest prayers of it, I can no more deny what I have learned than deny the Sun shines, or that the Earth is solid beneath my feet I walk upon. For God has spoken it. Since that time, life has been a journey of long hardship and blessings all, for such is the paths of life. Once knowing a truth to me is simple, however living every day is a challenge as we are all weak and mortal thus we stray from time to time, for we are all human, and in need of Christs Atonement in our lives to keep us in a good way. We all strive to live our faith, all at different stages of belief or knowledge or wisdom. One cannot judge a faith based on one persons good or bad deeds, one must learn of themselves with Gods help.

How I live my faith

The faith that Christ has always taught is to live by the laws of love, and peace. Not the laws of the jungle which are the rules of the natural man and beast. I try to do good for others and not to judge anyone in their beliefs or actions, I do strive to love all, and even when wrongs are done by members or non members alike, I can forgive the person is my goal, such Christ taught forgive all, hate the Sin not the sinner, for are we not all sinners ? True is the saying he / she who is without sin may cast the 1st stone. So I strive to leave the stones upon the land. We are all of the Family of Adam & Eve our 1st parents, so we are all family. No matter our Faith, Race, Creeds, & politics. As family we tend to have disagreements of course such is the weakness of mortality. How ever we must live by example, for words are just sounds upon the wind of the world, actions speak much louder than words. I strive to live as Christ taught. Such is my life and am very grateful for the gift of repentance Christ has given to us. Christ is the way and the truth and the life, so in life, family, business all actions and thoughts I struggle to be more as he would want me to be. Simply do unto others as you would have them do unto you.