Chuck: Mormon.

Hi I'm Chuck

About Me

I was inactive for several years, but have found a lot of joy and comfort in my faith knowing the plan of salvation is active in all of our lives. The Church is focused on the Family, and knowing we can be together as a family unit forever provides comfort as those we love go on to the other side. I am 54 years old and work in the computer field as an IT Manager. My wife is retired from Nursing, and due to the many selfless, dedicated hours of helping others she is now partially disabled and unable to work. We love to travel but are restricted due to her limitations. We have 5 Grandchildren who we love and spoil, and then send them home to Mom and Dad....payback. Our lives are centered around the church and it has given us so much comfort. We have done a lot of Genealogy and are slowly but surely working at getting all the work done for our family.

Why I am a Mormon

I prayed as a youth and gained a testimony through the Holy Spirit that this is the true church, and is led by a Prophet of God on the earth. I have experienced many wonderful experiences by listening to the Holy Ghost and following the promptings I have received because of him.

Personal Stories

How can your talents and gifts bless others?

We each have unique talents and gifts from our Heavenly Father. By working together, we can offer other people varied and different types of help when it is needed. Besides, wouldn't life be boring f we all had the same talents and gifts?

Why/How do you share the gospel with your friends?

It is really very easy. You have to learn to do one thing, step out of your comfort zone. I do it by just talking to people I come into contact with about church activities, meetings, etc. You would be surprised the conversations that can begin from a simple statement of "I went to the Temple last night."

How I live my faith

I try so hard to follow the commandments and covenants I have made with my Heavenly Father. Do I always suceed? I wish I could say yes, but the fact is as a human being, we all make mistakes. This gives us an opportunity to repent though, and partaking of the sacrament at church each week allows me to cleanse myself and be "reborn" again.