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Hi I'm Kristen

I'm a Texan, a mom, and a blogger. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and love learning about all things carseats. I'm a mom to three beautiful boys and my husband and I have been married for 8+ years. I have enjoyed many hobbies throughout the years including painting, scrapbooking, competitive fastpitch softball, writing, and anything to do with numbers. And I'm a member of the Fightin' Texas AGGIE class of 2006, WHOOP!

Why I am a Mormon

I did not grow up as a member of the LDS Church, or Mormon. I was raised going to the Episcopal Church and I always knew that Jesus Christ was real. As I got older, I struggled to figure out how to find happiness. The college lifestyle was fun at first, but I soon began to feel like the life I was living was pointless. At the beginning of my second year in college, I met my future husband. We worked together at a local restaurant and soon became friends. There was something about him that I could tell was somehow different or special. One of the first thoughts I had was, "He must have had a good mother." He was genuine, kind, and respectful towards me. I was in a turbulent part of my life, and my best friend and future husband was there through all of it. Eventually we started dating and talking about religion. We had some disagreements, and he asked me to speak with missionaries in order to better understand his beliefs. I said no, many times, but he patiently agreed to respect my boundaries. He gave me a Book of Mormon, but I did not read it. After another month of me asking more questions about his beliefs, I hesitantly agreed to meet with the missionaries. I was scared. I thought it would be weird. But when I started taking the lessons, the things they said made sense. It wasn't too far fetched. That helped me to be comfortable. I started reading the Book of Mormon chapters the missionaries gave me to read. At first, I just did it to please others. But after attending Church a few times and speaking with other members and converts people who joined the Church at an older age, I felt inspired. I decided that I really wanted to know for MYSELF if all of this was true. I prayed and prayed for an answer, but felt like I wasn't receiving one. All I knew was that I felt peace when I read the Book of Mormon and I felt happy when I went to Church. I decided to keep going until I got an answer. The more I met with the missionaries and went to Church, the more I realized that what I was learning answered questions I've always had about life and just seemed to make sense. After several inquiries to be baptized and me saying no many times, one time I decided that I could set a baptismal date, and that if I didn't feel right about it, I wouldn't have to go through with it. It was from that point that I started to understand that the Lord had been answering me all along. I HAD been feeling the Spirit testify to me that these things were true. The peace and joy that I had felt were evidence of that. Since I have been baptized, I have never looked back. I know this is true. Jesus Christ has restored His Church, and the fullness of His Gospel, upon the Earth today. He is at the head of this Church and leads Prophets and Apostles to teach us how to keep the Lord's commandments in a world with changing values. I now know that I am a daughter of God and that He loves me unconditionally. That is something I never felt or comprehended before, but I feel now. And that is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I try to live the way that Christ would want me to and show others that He loves them.

What are Mormon Temples used for?

Temples are used to perform ordinances for ourselves and for those who have passed on before they had the chance to perform them for themselves. An ordinance is a physical symbol of a covenant, or promise between ourselves and God. Temples are beautiful buildings and on the inside have a series of rooms for different purposes. Some are for baptisms for those who have passed on, some are for sealing eternal marriages, and some are for making other covenants. It is the most peaceful place on Earth, and it is literally the House of the Lord. You can feel God's presence there very strongly. I was married to my husband in a Temple in 2008. It was one of the most wonderful days of my life because I know that we were married by God's proper authority, the Priesthood, and that our marriage will last forever, not just until "death do us part." The LDS Church has the restored Priesthood, or God's authority, and can seal marriages into eternity. I am so grateful for that knowledge to know that my husband and my son will be with me forever. Show more Show less