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Hi I'm Crystal

About Me

I have the privilege to be the mother of three amazing daughters and the wife of an Entrepreneur. I find great joy in making my home a refuge for all who enter into my home, from the crazy storm of life. I LOVE reading good books and listening to good uplifting music. Any kind... as long as it doesn't degrade or tear down. My time and season in life is to be fully engaged in training/rearing my daughters and supporting my husband's business adventures. I love finding moments to scrapbook and nurture my soul, too.

Why I am a Mormon

The Gospel is TRUE! I've been a life-long member, but my conversion took place when I was about 14. I struggled with not being understood by family or friends. Everything seemed very dark and scary, very overwhelming with no way to get out... until I turned to the Lord in prayer and through my studies of the Book of Mormon. Through the Holy Ghost, I was reassured that He knew me and loved me, was helping me every step of the way. I had a way out of the darkness because my Savior was with me, holding my hand and showing me the way. I've never looked back. Life has been full of many trials, great and small. Because I know the Lord is always with me and I can remember every time I read the Book of Mormon, I know can joyfully endure. That's why I'm a Mormon.

Personal Stories

How has attending Church services helped you?

I LOVE going to Church every Sunday! For about five years, I was unable to walk very well and had to use a wheelchair. During the last year, I was completely bed-ridden. For much of that time, it was incredibly difficult for me to go to Church, although I still went every chance I could go. My husband and girls would help me, bringing pillows to help prop my head up so it wouldn't flop over during the service. It was hard to not worship as I had always been able to all my life. Oh, how it fill my heart with such warmth and joy to be able to attend, though! I felt the Savior's love more intensely and the love of people around me because I was more still. The talks and music gave me the strength to continue to endure one more day, one more week, as I struggled to find answers to my health challenges. The time for the renewal of my baptismal covenants by taking the Sacrament was especially cherished by me, helping me reflect how much God loves me and was aware of what I was struggling with each day. I still treasure going to Church every Sunday!

What is hope and what do you hope for?

Hope is one of the greatest gifts God has given me! He cannot take away all the hard things I am experiencing, the consequences of other's choices that effect me, financial struggles, etc. He gives me HOPE, the gift of knowing HE is always there, always ready to listen to me and help me however HE can, no matter how hard, dark, difficult life may seem. I try to practice hope every single day; sometimes every minute, knowing God loves me and I am His.

What are you doing to help strengthen your family and make it successful?

It is all in the small and simple things that are making the difference in my family... the daily scripture reading that truly helps my three girls have a taste of heaven every morning before they leave for the day... the daily family prayers where a member of the family asks God to help us with whatever we have going on (they really know He is there and listens to us, loves us and will help us)... the hugs and kisses every chance we get... the chit-chats so we know the details of our lives... family dinners together... play time... doing work projects together every week... going to Church as a family every week and living what we teach every day... saying "I'm sorry" and really meaning it when any of us makes a mistake... All of these things and a million more make the fabric of love that wraps my family together forever and helps us to live lives of happiness and peace.

How I live my faith

I try the hardest to live my faith among my children. They see and hear everything. People try to be their best among friends or strangers, but I want to reflect the love I share for my Savior every day, every way, especially to my children. They will feel His love as I share my love with them. I LOVE helping others - it brings me great joy to see a need and be able to help fulfill it. From helping out in my children's classrooms to bringing flowers over to a friend who has had a hard day, those things bring smiles to my face and soul!