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Hi I'm Miles

I love America. I speak Japanese. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised in a small farm town. My father was a farmer and my mother was a homemaker.They had seven kids, five girls and two boys. I am the second to youngest child. While growing up, I enjoyed hunting and camping. I was also really interested in working with my Father. When I was thirteen, my Father started a construction company and I would help him build commercial buildings and houses. One more thing that I enjoyed while growing up was scouting. I loved it because of learning how to do new things and the adventures it brought with it. I am also a proud Eagle Scout. My hometown has a total population of 900. When I was 19 I was called to serve as a representative of the LDS church in Japan. The place I was called to serve had a total population of 5 million people. Quite a change for a farm boy raised in such a small town. It didn't take me long to love the big city. I love to be around other people all the time. When I was done serving two years later, I enrolled in a local university. I am currently a Pre-Law student. I am passionate about politics and law. While attending the university, I met my beautiful wife. My life adventures have barley begun.... If you have anymore questions, follow me on Facebook.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the LDS faith. In fact, my ancestors were some of the Mormon Pioneers. My parents were strong members of the church and my Mother taught me everything she could about the LDS faith and how to live by the principles it taught. Even though I had all of this around me growing up, I still wasn't sure myself if all they had taught me was true. I also had many friends of the catholic and protestant faith try to tell me otherwise. I am an independent person and I love to know things for myself so I pursued the challenge to know whether the church was true or not. In order to do this I read all of the Book of Mormon. It took me a little over two years to read it because I was attending high school at the time. When I finished reading it I prayed to Heavenly Father to know if it was true or not. I expected to get an immediate answer but I didn't. I was frustrated because I wanted to know badly if it was true or not because everyone else I talked to was so confident that it was true. So I continued to pray, attend church, read the scriptures, and fast. I did this for around five months after I finished reading it. One day I decided to go out with the church representatives missionaries to visit some people who were interested in the church. They related to the people a story found in the Book of Enos found in the Book of Mormon. Enos was going through what I was and he got his answer from Heavenly Father. Because of that, I wanted to know even more if the church and Book of Mormon were true or not. After the meeting I took the missionaries home. On the ride home one of the missionaries asked if I was reading the Book of Mormon. I told him yes. Then he asked if I believed in it or not. I told him I wasn't sure but that I had read it and prayed to know if it was true or not. He then told me that I would get my answer soon. I highly doubted it but from the bottom of my heart wished that it was true. After I dropped off the missionaries, I was driving myself home and was listening to some church music the missionaries had left in the car. There was a particular song about Christ that I liked to listen to called "I Believe in Christ." While listening to this song I thought of how bad I wanted to know if the church was true or not. Then at one part of the song it said, "And while I strive through grief and pain, His voice is heard, 'Ye shall obtain'". When I heard this I felt a very strong, distinct feeling that I had never felt before. I began to cry like a baby. I knew that Heavenly Father had answered my prayer. I knew from then on that the Book of Mormon was true and that the church was true. But most important, I knew that Christ loves me and cares for me, just as the song said. I will never forget how happy I was. I ran home and told my parents everything that happened. They were just as happy as I was. To this day I know even more now than I did then that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Heavenly Father loves me. I know that Christ loves me too. Heavenly Father will answer your prayer. It might not be immediate, and it might not be the same way He answered mine, but He will let you know. You might have to take a couple of steps into the dark not knowing 100% but He will light the way for you.

How I live my faith

I try to live the principles taught by the church to help me succeed in serving others. I attend church every week and read the scriptures every day so that I can learn about these principles more thoroughly. I also served as president over a little group of men who are 18 and older. I would conduct meetings and teach them lessons. I was also over what was called home teaching. That is where members of my group would go and visit people in my area to see how they were doing and to teach them about faith in Christ. I loved every minute of it. I love to serve others and that is how I live my faith. Trying to be Christlike.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

There is a scripture found in the Book of Mormon that explains this very well. It is found in 2nd Nephi 25:23. It says, "For we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do." We cannot be saved without Christ because we are not perfect like him. We are also children of God. Because of this Christ knows that we are capable of accomplishing great things on our own. The only thing is that because we are imperfect we won't ever accomplish anything on our own but we still have to do everything in our power to achieve our goals in life. Moses was still required to hit the rock to provide water for the children of Israel even though God could have just given them the water. Show more Show less