Laura: Mormon.

Hi I'm Laura

About Me

I grew up in a loving, LDS family and always planned on having a family of my own. I also knew that getting a good education would help me in every area of life including family life. I attended college and graduated with a degree in Physics Teaching. While there, I met and married my husband. After graduating, I taught science for one year before starting a family. I really loved teaching school, but I love being home with my two children even more! I feel so blessed and so happy with my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I was blessed with faithful parents who raised me in the church. I remember liking church as a child and believing that the teachings were true, so much that I told my friends about it. As a teenager, I followed the counsel of my parents and church leaders to read the Book of Mormon and other scriptures, and to prayerfully seek wisdom and knowledge from God. Through these experiences, I developed a personal appreciation for Jesus Christ's life and sacrifice and a certainty that this is His church. My faith continues to grow as I live the gospel and teach it to my children. 

Personal Stories

What have you done successfully to shield your family from unwanted influences?

There's so much good and bad in the world. It's hard to only allow the good into our home, but that's what we try to do. Some of the bad is obvious and some of it is disguised by popularity and social acceptability. My husband and I decided early in our marriage not to have a television and to be selective with movies. We also pray and read the words of the prophets. We try to do these things every day so that the Lord's influence will prevail with us.

How I live my faith

My faith is a part of me. It helps me be kind, patient, generous, optimistic, and happy, too! I consider these attributes as gifts from God that I need to utilize in service to others. I do the most "service" for my family, but I'm also involved in teaching the children at church. It's hard to explain the rewards that come from these experiences, but I really cherish them.