Lacey: Mormon.

Hi I'm Lacey

About Me

I joined the LDS Church at the age of 19 and I learn to love Jesus Christ more every day. I graduated from a church school (one of the BYU campuses) and I am currently working as a teacher for students with visual impairments and I am a grad student in a special education. I love to read- and I read everything. I also spend a great deal of time training for and participating in competitive events with my dogs- conformation (think Westminser!), hunt tests, obedience, etc. I am the only Mormon in my family, and it's hard at times but Heavenly Father has blessed me for living the gospel. I have never, ever been sorry that I was invited to and listened to the missionaries.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up going to a non-denominational church and gradually quit attending as a teenager, several years after my family did. For the next several years I continued to consider myself a christian but I didn't live a very Christ-like lifestyle. In my freshman year of college I was given an assignment on stereotypes for my psych class. I was to select a stereotyped group of people and explore the stereotypes. I chose members of the LDS faith. For my "research" I attended church and institute-a scholarly class on beliefs and doctrines of the LDS church for college age young adults. Gradually, over time, I slowly came to realize that I had developed a testimony of the truthfullness of the Book of Mormon and the reality of the calling of the Prophet Joseph Smith. So many things I felt God had spoken to my heart throughout my life, were confirmed in the teachings that the missionaries shared with me. The gospel makes sense. I have a solid and profound testimony of the gospel that I've received through prayer and the Holy Ghost, but even without that, I know that the doctrines of the Church simply make sense.

Personal Stories

How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

One of the things that Jesus Christ taught his followers is that if you want to know if a commandment comes from God, live the commandment, and see if you receive blessings for keeping it. By "testing" God and living a commandment, say for example, keeping the Sabbath day holy, a person can recieve a testimony that the commandment is from God. In harmony with this commandment, I choose to attend all my Church meetings every Sunday, I don't shop or participate in recreational activites, and I don't do my homework on Sundays. When I made a decision not to work on homework on Sundays, I found that my ability to work on it and finish it on other days was magnified. I became a much better student, received better grades, and learned more. I developed faith in the blessings that come from keeping the sabbath day holy. Knowing that God gives me blessings for doing what He asks makes it much easier to always do what He asks in the future.

How I live my faith

I love serving in my ward- the name for a congregation of LDS believers. My favorite thing to do is teach- I love to teach about the gospel! I find opportunities to serve my community with others- it is one of the most incredible ways to come to know and love both those you serve and those with whom you offer service. I try to keep the commandments. I know I"m not perfect but when I make a mistake I ask forgiveness and the Lord's blessing to help me do even better. I try to always, always put people- not things or tasks- first.