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Hi I'm Amber

I am a wife, mother, sister, reader, writer, BYU alum, sports fan, wanna-be cook, teacher, actress & director. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Currently, I am the Chief-Operating-Officer for high-stress company... my family. I left my previous position, as a school teacher, for an equally hard job. I am a stay-at-home mom. I spend most of my days attempting keeping up with my two rambunctious kids, which usually involves running around, cleaning cooking, playing 'mommy-monster' & toy-bartering. When I'm not practicing my negotiating skills with my preschooler, I enjoy outdoor excursions and laughing with my husband. In my 'extra time,' I love to craft, read, write and watch a good game (especially if it involves the BYU Cougars, St. Louis Cardinals or Kansas City Chiefs--I know it's a long shot on that last one). I've noticed that each of my hobbies brings me peace (and some sanity). If I'm lucky, I'll have just enough time to clean the house. Let's face it, I hardly get that lucky.

Why I am a Mormon

At first, I was a Mormon because my parents were; I didn't know anything else. I held onto their testimonies & examples. We moved a lot during my 'formative' years and I struggled with trying to hold onto any consistency in my life; my only constants came from my family & the gospel. After one particular move I struggled to make friends, particularly at church. I started to questions what I believed. So, feeling quite alone, I went down on my knees & asked for comfort from my Heavenly Father. I asked to know, for myself, if the church was true. My answer came from the quite assurance of the Holy Ghost; my Heavenly Father knew me, of my struggles & answered my inquiry. I know that Jesus is the Christ. I know He died & now lives for me, and all of mankind. I know this is the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth today. The restoration began with a glorious vision of God, the Father, & Jesus Christ to the first prophet of the latter-days, Joseph Smith. Since Joseph, there has always been, and will always be, a prophet on the earth. Today that man is Thomas S. Monson. Acting as the Lord's mouthpiece, He leads & guides the church today. I know the Book of Mormon is an inspired work of revelation, the word of God, for this day. Why I'm a Mormon? Because I know this church is the restored gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and because I know it, I cannot deny it.

How I live my faith

One of my eternal goals is to become more like Jesus Christ. The best way to live my faith in Him, and in His church, is to love & serve others the way He would. We are meant to take care of each other; when we visit each other, we are doing the Lord's errand, making sure everyone is cared for & loved. Currently, I serve by helping to plan meetings for the sisters in our church. We try to plan meetings to help: develop our skills & interests, strengthen our personal faith & develop our friendships. I notice when I develop these areas, my love for others increase and then I want to serve even more. I serve my family daily by taking care of our children. My husband & I decided, if it was financially possible, that I would stay home to be with our children. I know I would make a difference in the work force (I graduated with a degree in education) however, the greatest difference I can make is in my own childrens' lives. They will look to me (and my husband) as examples in everything, including faith. If I want them to come to Christ, I need to show them that I have faith in Him too. Recently, I also had the chance to direct a musical production about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ for. Usually theatrical productions are full for egos and, for lack of a better word, drama. The difference came from the message, the message of Jesus Christ. It definitely wasn't me; my audience before this show prefers puppets & nap time. We were mothers, fathers, students, kids, dentists, accountants, computer engineers, and more. We came together because of Jesus Christ. This life is about remembering Jesus the Christ, coming to Him and trying to live like Him. I live my faith by trying to be the best 'Amber' that I can be. I live the way I live, standards and all, because I want to be a worthy disciple of He who loved & served all, even Jesus Christ.

In whom should we have faith?

Faith is not a passive principle; it is a principle of action. First, & foremost to believing anything in the gospel, we need to have Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Just because we have Faith in Christ, it doesn't mean we won't have hard experiences. We need to be able to have faith & trust in everything that may come in our lives, and then act upon it. When we act upon our faith & test it, it will strengthen through the witness of the Holy Ghost. Show more Show less