Bryn: Mormon.

Hi I'm Bryn

About Me

I'm a creative problem solver. I have bad days and good days. I love truth and finding it.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it is the church that contains the covenants I need to come to know the truth about God and his Son.

Personal Stories

Think about your everyday activities. What are things you act upon each day where you cannot see the end results? How does faith move you to action?

I believe in the sanctity of a home. I believe the practice I do will affect those within my home for generations and the eternity of many souls. Ten years ago my husband and I created our own home and have tried to make it a sacred place and holy ground. We meet in the kitchen daily for lessons in eating. We have lessons on sleeping, reading, praying and speaking. Regardless of size and quality of the building product the place to me is like a temple. I am raising human beings…souls and relationships. I do holy things at home…teach our children be clean, to learn from board books, to play with balls and trains, to pray, to talk, to listen, to forgive and be forgiven.

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

I love the Book of Mormon. I feel so lucky to be able to read first hand accounts of people who knew and heard the Savior Jesus Christ. I see their successes and their failures and I really try to pick up things that will prevent me and my family from making mistakes. The thing I have learned really profoundly from the Book of Mormon, is the importance of making and keeping covenants with God.

How I live my faith

I am a mother to five children. I do it the best I can because I believe that God wants me to. I also get to teach the women at out church. I also love to learn each day and try to acquire more understanding and wisdom.