Rachel: Mormon.

Hi I'm Rachel

About Me

I'm currently a college student majoring in Nursing. I'm a convert and joined the church 2 years ago on November 7th, 2009. I'm the only member in my family. It was the absolute best decision i've ever made. I'm super close to my family and love spending time with them. I love to read my scriptures and I strive daily to become more like my Heavenly Father. I know with my whole heart that this is the true church upon the earth today and that it is set up exactly how Jesus Christ established it when he walked the earth. I know my Savior loves me, so much so that he gave his life for me, so that I could return to live with him and Heavenly Father. I'm so grateful for the restoration of the church and that we have a living prophet on this earth today to lead and guide our church by authority given to him from Heavenly Father. This gospel has changed my life and inspired me to be even better than I thought I could be. I love knowing that through the sealing power of the temple I can be with my family for all eternity. I'm blessed with an amazing ward who have supported me so much these past 2 years. I'm currently the secretary in primary and learn so much from the sweet spirits that surround me every Sunday. I pray that absolutely everyone can come to know of this gospel and experience the peace it brings.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I know the truth it contains. I made a huge decision to join this church even though my mom was completely against it, and I would not have done that if I wasn't 100% sure that it was true. All the teachings of the Church are so powerful and helpful. I took discussions for almost 2 years before I could get baptized, and waiting that long was definitely hard because I wanted to follow Heavenly Father's plan and be a member so badly. It was definitely worth the wait. This gospel holds so many amazing things. I love knowing that when the right guy comes along I can be sealed to him for time and all eternity in the temple and have an eternal family. I'm so grateful to know that Heavenly Father knows me personally and loves me for who I am. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and that he devoted himself mind,body, and spirit to translating the Book of Mormon and re-establishing God's church back on the earth. Theres power in the Book of Mormon, it can change your life completely, I know, because it changed mine.

Personal Stories

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

My mom was completely against me getting baptized, but once I turned 18 I could do it without her permission. I was upset that my mom was so against it and that she wouldn't admit all the changes that had taken place in me after I started taking the discussions. I prayed every day for my mom's heart to soften and for her to come to my baptism and acknowledge the good that the Church and gospel brought to my life. On the day of my baptism,not only did she attend, but she admitted to me and a few others at my ward that she had seen a major change in me, and that it was a good one. Another way my prayers were answered was when my 4 year old nephew was extremely sick in the hospital with diabetes, in an out of a light coma, in fact they were telling us he could die. I prayed for him to be healed and to be a normal little boy. He received a priesthood blessing and not long after he received it, he was awake and started getting better. He was released a few days later. After that experience I had a strengthened testimony not only in the power of prayer, but in the power of the Priesthood.

Could you talk about your baptism?

My baptism was the best day of my life. I waited for it for 2 years, and when the day finally came I had a flood of emotions. I was so excited to finally make this covenant with Heavenly Father and show that I had a strong testimony of this gospel. I was a little nervous right before I entered the waters, I knew this was a huge step and a huge commitement, but it was one that I was ready to make. I remember when I went down under the water and then came back up I felt a huge weight lifted off of me. I was crying, and my friends from young women were crying at this joyous moment. I felt completely forgiven and accepted. Ever since that day I've had so much joy. Knowing that I've been baptized into the true church upon the earth, by one who holds the priesthood is amazing. I feel so close to my Heavenly Father and I know that all my past mistakes were washed away when I was baptized, and that Heavenly Father remembers them no more, that is truly amazing that he forgives and forgets. The day I was baptized was my new day, I started life with a clean slate again.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to be the best example to my family and friends. Because none of my family are members of the church I try and be an example to them by praying with them and talking to them about the amazing things i'm learning. I study the scriptures every morning and night to gain more knowledge of Heavenly Father's plan. I pray every day for my family to come to know and accept the gospel one day. I strive to be a virtuous light in a world that tells people that darkness is ok.