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Hi I'm Matt Carter

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints since 2006. I enjoy reading, writing, swimming and hockey. I started working in the medical field first for the United States Navy and now in the civilian field and started back at school for my degree. I am a husband and a father who loves his family very much and I am thankful for all that my Heavenly Father has given me.

Why I am a Mormon

After meeting a friend in the US Navy, I discovered that he was a Mormon. One monday night, he was heading to the bowling alley on base and I asked if I could come with him. Although he warned me "other mormons" would be attending, I said I wouldnt mind. We had a good time there and the missionaries, who were also attending, asked if I would like to learn more about their faith. Although I was comfortable with the religion I believed in, I said I wouldn't mind learning more. Several weeks passed and I was learning much from what the sister missionaries were teaching me, but I just didnt know if what they were teaching me was true. One night, the night before I was going to visit their temple in Chicago, everything was going to change. My friend and I were meeting with the sisters and elders in the hospital chapel when it began to snow terribly outside. Knowing that we didnt have much time before the snow would trap the missionaries' vehicles, we decided to leave the chapel to head home. Outside the storm was in full swing. Luckily there were snow shovels beside the outside doors so we could shovel our way out of the parking lot. As we were shovel snow, this family came out of the hospital and walked towards there car. Feeling the need to help, I ran over to shovel their car out of the snow. After the work was done, this feeling came over me. I couldn't explain what had happened...I felt this warmth in me that overwhelmed the cold outside. After performing that small act of service, I knew that what the sisters had been teaching me was true. Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon is true, cover to cover. I know that this sounds strange, but I have come to discover that small acts of faith and service such as this can bring about great spiritual blessings. Shortly after I was baptized in the Lord's church. I know without a doubt that the Lord's Gospel has been restored.

How I live my faith

I currently do all I can to help teach others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially in the missionary effort that needs to be done. If I'm formally called to or not, I find myself modivated to go out and help teach those that have not had a chance to learn about the Lord's Church and how it has been restored. I find great joy, happiness, and satisfaction in going out with the full-time missionaries and teaching. The Scriptures testify that great joy and blessings can be found in bringing souls to Christ, and I can also personally testify to that fact as well. I find that the work is effortless when you put your faith in His will, and I know His will involves missionary work.

Is it true that Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection according to the Book of Mormon?

Matt Carter
Yes, it is true that Jesus Christ did visit the Americas after his death and resurrection. I know this not because of secular research that I have performed, which I have not, but by the promptings of the Spirit when I read the Book of Mormon. To truly know for yourself if these things did infact happen, you need to pray and ask God for yourself. I can tell you about how the Holy Ghost teaches me of these truths, but you need to pray and read to discover these things for yourself. After you do, you will see these truths about the Book of Mormon just like I do! Show more Show less