What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm KT

I live in California. I love food, fashion, music, and literature. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I graduated with a degree in Business and have been working in high tech for 6+ years as a consultant. I used to travel every week, but now I work locally and get to enjoy hiking every day, although I miss all of the reading I got to do on the plane. : I love to cook, listen to music I also play the piano, the guitar, and love to sing, I enjoy yoga and just started taking stained glass classes. I want to learn how to do calligraphy and I want to learn how to sew. I recently got married and love making plans with my husband.

Why I am a Mormon

I have a naturally upbeat personality, so sometimes I feel like I 'have it all' - but now and then circumstances force me to see myself for what I am - a normal, imperfect person who makes mistakes. It is at these times that I am mortified to realize that I cannot, all by myself, be the person I want to be. I am thoughtless where I want to be kind. I am lazy where I want to be diligent. I am weak where I want to be strong. However, when I was baptized, I took upon me the name of Jesus Christ - not because I am worthy to take his name, but because his name can protect, strengthen, and sanctify me. Each week when I partake of bread and water in remembrance of him -the 'sacrament'-, even though I have made mistakes, God promises me that I can have the companionship of the Holy Ghost and, just like the day I was baptized, be cleansed to try again. I need this strength and protection! I need the love of God! This is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I have taught sunday school for 2 years and now I am helping others prepare to enter the temple for the first time. I entered the temple for the first time 3 years ago and it has been both the culmination of my faith AND just the beginning! I have promised to love God, speak well of others, and to be happy. I KNOW that God knows me and loves me and that his love extends to everyone. I love to think of others entering the temple and feeling that love strongly, too. Until recently, I visited two women from my singles "ward" -congregation for singles- each month just to 'check in' and make sure they are doing alright! But really, my main goal each day is to remember that God loves me, that Jesus Christ will make up the difference in my mistakes as I commit to follow his teachings, and to help others do the same!

What are some things that tell to you there is a God?

Even as a child, when I would watch summer storms roll in, I felt that I had a father in heaven. Nature and something inside of me both have given me that confidence. When I see the ocean, the stars, when I see the magnificent beauty of the earth - even the miracle of my own body - I cannot deny there is a divine creator, and my heart tells me he is my father. Show more Show less

What is a ward/stake/branch?

A ward or branch -smaller version of a ward- is a congregation that meets weekly to take the sacrament an ordinance in which we partake of bread and water to remember Jesus Christ and renew our baptismal covenants. It goes beyond the weekly meetings, however, as we work to become a ward 'family.' Like any family, it has challenges, but overall the strength and security that comes is a greater asset than any of the sacrifices of time and patience. Multiple wards / branches are grouped into a 'Stake' which allows for regional support. Just like a ward is your family, think of your stake as your extended family. Not as much in the day-to-day, but still an important part of your support network. Show more Show less