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Hi I'm Rich

I grew up in the England and moved to California in 2003 where my wife & I home-school our 4 children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a Husband, Father to four young children aged between 2 and 8, and a small business owner. My personal interests include soccer and spending quality time with my family.

Why I am a Mormon

In the scriptures it compares faith to a seed that, if planted, will grow. Although I have been a Mormon my whole life, I have experimented with principles taught at church, living them in faith. By so doing I have learned that keeping the commandments of God bring forth good fruit, a feeling of progression, and a lasting peace that helps me know of the divine origins of attempting to live a Christ-centered life. I know my children are better off because we practice our Momrom faith. The instruction they receive at Church compliments our efforts to raise them with the values that lead to a sense of acheivement and ultimately a happier and more fulfilling life. My greatest desire for my children is that they remain set-apart from an increasingly selfish and self-destructive world and instead seek to lead their peers through Christlike behavior and finding strength, hope, and lasting peace in His gospel.

How I live my faith

Sunday church-attendance helps me to learn of and remember the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although I try to contribute to the learning of other church attendees, I come away each Sunday with some great actionable ideas and a desire to be a better person and, in particular, a better husband and father as I go through the subsequent days of the week. With young children in our family and running a small business, my time can be substantially over-subscribed. However I have always made a priority of keeping the Sabbath day holy by abstaining from work, avoiding every-day activities (such as watching television and exercise), taking time to serve others, and to feed my spirit. Also essential in my daily-life are study of scripture, praying to my Heavenly Father individually, with my spouse, and family, in addition to consecrating some time to voluntary church service. While some things are left undone, it is often clear to me the things that I should do with my time and I feel that God multiplies my efforts as I try to put him first in my life. Our family happily returns 10% of all of our income back to our Heavenly Father for his purposes in the form of tithing. It is the first thing we set aside from our income and as a family we have consistently seen the windows of heaven open and poor out blessings upon us, as is promised in the Old Testiment. The times I have tried my best to live the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ, my family has been blessed with greater peace, a bright hope for the future, a sensitivity to the poor and needy, and deeper sense of recognition, contentment, and gratitude for our many blessings.

Who founded Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

The founder of the Mormon church is Jesus Christ. It was founded to accomplish the mission and purposes of God - to bring to pass the immorality and enternal life of man. We believe, as it was prophesied in the Bible, that the Church Jesus Christ established upon the earth during his minestry was eventually lost, along with its devine Priesthood authority, as wicked people rejected and martyred the apostles. We believe that the Mormon Church - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - is the same Church that Christ established when he was upon the earth and was restored under His very direction through the prophet Joseph Smith. At the Church's foundation today are the same doctrines, principles, and Priesthood authority as in New Testiment times. As in those times, it today continues to be led by Jesus Christ through living prophets and apostles for the purposes of God. Show more Show less