Crystal: Mormon.

Hi I'm Crystal

About Me

I grew up in Montana between a national park and a beautiful lake. I have two brothers and two sisters. My dad works in logging, construction and other creative ventures, and my mom has mostly stayed at home to homeschool the kids. She's very talented, and her cooking is amazing! At age 17, I worked as a nanny for four months in New York and Connecticut. I spent 15 months as a missionary in South Africa, and 3 months in Southern California, where I fell in love with the people I met in both places. I'm now almost finished earning two in Illustration and one in Art Education. I love to meet new people because I always learn something from them!

Why I am a Mormon

Have you ever read or heard something that someone said that gave you the chills because it just "rang true"? That happens to me all the time when I read things that the American founding fathers wrote and said. We all have a natural ability to recognize truth-something we're born with. I think if we pay attention to it, we gain more of it, but if we ignore it, we lose it. Every teaching I can think of in this church, I have had that same experience with at some time or another. The more you learn, the more it all makes sense, and the feeling that it's good and right gets stronger and stronger, until you just know. Another reason I'm a member of this church is that it's a safe haven from every kind of physical and spiritual threat. I can feel that, even when I walk in the door of a meetinghouse, and especially a Mormon temple. It feels good. It feels light, and clean, and pleasant, happy, sacred, and safe.

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons go on missions?

I went on a mission because I was so excited to know the things I've learned in church-because it makes me so happy to know about the incredible blessings that the Lord intends to give all of His children who qualify- I want to tell everybody about this. You know how sometimes we miss opportunities because we had no idea how great the reward would have been until afterward? Well, since the Church of Jesus Christ (of Latter-Day Saints) was restored to the earth in 1830, God has also given us back the full knowledge of His plan for us, and revealed information about amazing blessings He's willing to give us if we want them, and show that we want them by qualifying for them. I want everyone to know about these opportunities and blessings!

How can your talents and gifts bless others?

My Dad has this talent of being able to find cars that slide off the road in the winter in Montana. I remember waking up in the middle of the night one time when I was little, and tripping over a sleeping bag in the hall. Confused, I went to my parents room to find two strangers in their bed. I was afraid they had moved in the middle of the night and forgotten to take me with them! In the morning I woke up to the smell of blueberry pancakes. My mom was cooking breakfast for a family of 13 who my dad had found in a ditch the night before. This sort of thing was common in my home, and I'm grateful for my parents' talents of finding a need and filling it.

How I live my faith

I believe that as children of God, we have the potential to be great, and that comes from doing our best in everything. Although sometimes I miss opportunities to serve, I love to help other people with little things as well as big things. I'm always excited to end up in the same line as somebody who's short on change at the store, or to find someone who has locked their keys in the car, since I do things like that all the time, and often need help from other people.