Carl: Mormon.

Hi I'm Carl

About Me

By day, I am an insurance agent. My wife and I have been married since 1973 and now have 12 grandchildren and have great joy in watching them grow. We love our country, our family and our God and will do anything we can to promote goodness and honesty in our personal and business lives.

Why I am a Mormon

I received a witness of the truthfulness of this church and the gospel of Jesus Christ when I was about twelve years of age while attending a priesthood meeting. I remember the song we were singing and the feeling that filled my being as witnessed by the Holy Ghost. Little did I know how much that would mean to me in the next few years. Now, after serving a mission, becoming a father and a grandfather, my perspective has become even more refined and I want to be with my family for time and for all eternity more than ever.

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons go on missions?

We are a missionary church and we go on missions to further the work of the Lord. We simply invite all to come unto Christ. When I was a young man, I decided to go on a mission and was called to serve in Mexico. That was one of the best things I ever did. I was able to help many people find a greater purpose in life and at the same time, I was able to build a foundation of service in my own life. It made me better to lift others. The experiences I enjoyed there are priceless to me and were shared with my family as our children grew up. I never knew how much I grew until I watched my own sons come home from their two years of service. It is a way to build the church and to build families and to strengthen the world. Those two years of service turned a boy into a man and helped me realize the help that I can be to others as they seek happiness for their own lives. It also helps us to learn to work and to focus on others. When I see people embracing the gospel, it makes me happy.

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

Over my lifetime, I have had countless experiences that show me that an unseen hand has guided my steps or my thoughts to act or to say something meaningful to help another person. I know that in and of myself, I could never have come up with solutions to spiritual issues and so the only conclusion I can draw is that God is guiding me through the Holy Ghost. When lives and relationships are at stake, this is an important guide for me and for my family. The Holy Ghost is the teacher and testifier of truth and helps us to make choices that are good and noble. I have learned that when I heed the promptings, there is always a good result. When we have had a particular difficulty to overcome, the solution is conveyed through the Holy Ghost directly from our Father in Heaven. That was promised to us when we were confirmed members of The Church and we often seek answers and have faith that the answers will come.

What have you done successfully to shield your family from unwanted influences?

We spend a lot of time pondering the word of God and we try to follow the good counsel of Prophets. We are careful to select carefully from the many choices available to us insofar as entertainment is concerned. We limit our reading, TV and movie content so that we try to seek that which will make us better instead of viewing what the world thinks is good. The "narrowness" of the way is designed to keep us on the path of righteousness and that is fine with us. We have seen what the adversary can do to individuals and families and we want no part of that--ever.

What are you doing to help strengthen your family and make it successful?

We are prayerful and deliberate in the way we try to live our lives. No, we are not perfect, but we are striving with all diligence to be the kind of men and women that God would like us to become. We honor the role of parents as examples and teachers of our little ones and we do all we can to give the little ones the rich experiences of developing faith in Christ. We want them to be aware of his goodness and his mercy and we want to be examples of those traits in our own lives. When our children were small, we read the Book of Mormon a number of times. That helped them to become good readers but it helped them also to see the tender mercies of the Lord to people who made the choice to follow Him. It is good to see the next generation of families build upon what we did--and we hope that they are better than we were!

How can we develop greater harmony in our homes?

If a family will establish principles to live by and then HONESTLY try to live them, harmony would be the natural by-product. Those principles can be faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work and wholesome recreational activities. If all in the family honestly strive to live by these principles and are honest enough to admit when they are "coloring outside the lines" and quickly come back to the established principles, then everybody can be happy. If someone errs, they correct their behavior and the the others can quickly forgive. It takes commitment and it takes honesty, but it can work. If family members love one another, then repentance and forgiveness do not seem that much of a stretch.

How I live my faith

We try diligently to choose the right based on proven principles of the true gospel. As a leader in our ward, I get a chance to see the Christ-like actions of many who reach out diligently to touch lives of those who are coming unto Christ. It is humbling to see the time, effort and treasure that some willingly give just to help their brothers and sisters.