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Hi I'm May

I'm a high school teacher, a writer, a mother, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was single for a long time. I met my husband at the school where we were both teachers. We've been married for eight years. I have two step-daughters and a little boy. For fun I love to read books. Since I used to teach high school English literature this is very appropriate. I changed jobs so that I could be at home while my baby grows up. I currently work for a software company writing and designing training curriculum.

Why I am a Mormon

When my parents were both teenagers they both experienced the pain and trauma of the break up of their families. They both (independently) looked to Heavenly Father for a way to cope with their pain and to help show them a better way to live their own lives. My dad began attending the Mormon church with a high school friend and quickly gained a testimony. As a college student, my mother began dating a Mormon man and sought out the missionaries to learn more about his faith. She read the Book of Mormon and became convinced that the church was true. They married while attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. My parents raised all of their children in their new faith. We went to church every Sunday. We read scriptures together in our home. We prayed together as a family. We were taught stories from the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price. When I was fourteen I reread Joseph Smith's account of his vision of the Father and the Son. When Joseph was 14, he was seeking to find the truth for himself. I began to wonder if I had enough faith to find out for myself if the things I had been raised to believe were true. The Lord promises in the book of James that he will give us wisdom if we ask in faith. I was scared. I wondered if I had enough faith to receive an answer to my prayer. Gathering my courage I knelt beside the bed and offered up a prayer. I didn't have a vision, but I did feel a feeling of warmth and goodness come over me. That experience was only one of many that I've had throughout my life that has led me to believe. I firmly believe that there are billions of good people in the world today who are trying their best to do what they believe to be God’s will. I honor them for the good they do and the values they follow. I’m grateful for the restored gospel and the fullness of truth that guides my life choices every day.

How I live my faith

I try every day to remember that I'm a daughter of God who loves me and expects me to do good things. I believe that our Heavenly Father loves all of his children so it's important to me to be tolerant of other people's beliefs - especially when I may not agree with those beliefs. I try to treat others with kindness and respect. I make mistakes and sometimes I get too self-involved to properly love other people, but praying or reading the scriptures helps me to focus on what is important. I try every day to follow the Lord's commandments. I have found that by being obedient I am actually happier because I have less to regret and I'm free to make more choices. It's a great irony that in being obedient I actually feel more free than a lot of the people I see around me. To give an example, I tell my students that it's important for them to study hard in school. This seems to restrict their freedoms because they have to go to class, do homework, and perhaps miss out on "fun" experiences with their friends. Yet at the end of high school, the students who have been obedient to the principle of studying have infinitely more choices than those who haven't made the grades. In the short run, they might have felt less free but in the long run they've actually given themselves the freedom to choose what they want to do with their lives.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

In the Pearl of Great Price the Lord tells the prophet Moses that His purpose is to bring about the immortality and eternal life of man. I believe that our purpose is very similar. We are here on this earth to prove whether we are ready to progress in an immortal and eternal way. Eternal in this context does not mean "forever." It means to have a life such as God has. I can't imagine anything more glorious or important. As we experience the challenges that this life brings we can choose to be obedient to the laws that God has revealed. God promises us that these will bring us happiness and will prepare us for life eternal. Sometimes obedience brings immediate happiness, but often we continue to have pain because the trial is necessary for us to experience the true happiness that eternal life will bring. Think of it this way. As parents we could give our children everything they want and need without requiring anything of them. When they want to stay home from school we'd allow it. If they wanted to play on the Wii instead of doing the dishes we'd say sure. If they wanted to play in traffic, we'd escort them to the street. However, no good parents do these things because they understand the importance of their children learning. They also know the dangers that come from some of the choices children would likely make and so we forbid certain things (like playing in traffic). God loves us in the same way that we love our children. He has set rules like all good parents to help us learn what we need to know and to keep us safe from harm. If we do the things that God asks of us then he promises us eternal happiness because we will be like him throughout the infinite expanse of time that comes with immortality. Show more Show less

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

As Mormons we believe that sexual relationships are only appropriate inside a marriage covenant. We also believe that marriage is ordained by God to be between men and women for the purpose of creating eternal families. As a result, the Church encourages all people to confine their physical relationships to those solemnized by the holy covenants of marriage. While we grant all people the right to follow their own conscience, we believe that as good citizens we should oppose laws that violate the principles of righteous living that the Lord has revealed. Same-sex marriage laws would contradict the Lord's ordination of marriage between men and women and as such the Church has encouraged its members to oppose legislation on this issue. We believe that the Lord loves all his children and wants for them to be eternally happy. We are required to be respectful and loving even when we don't agree. Show more Show less